France and Germany tighten security measures in Jewish places – Thai News Agency MCOT

Berlin, October 8 – France and Germany have strengthened security measures at Jewish sites, including synagogues, schools and memorials. After the Hamas movement in Palestine unexpectedly attacked Israel.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin sent an urgent message to local officials to increase surveillance. Immediate protection and protection of French Jewish community sites. After terrorist groups used the Gaza Strip to attack Israel on Saturday. They called for the deployment of security personnel in a clear and systematic manner. It uses soldiers from Operation Sentinelle, a special force that France has deployed across the country since a series of terrorist attacks in France in 2015.

German Interior Minister Nancy Fraser told Bild newspaper on Saturday, local time, and police in Berlin immediately reinforced security measures. At the same time, the central government and local government coordinate closely. The authorities are also monitoring people who may support Hamas. After Berlin police published a photo of a group of people distributing candy to passersby to celebrate the attack on Israel. Later the same day, the Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of German reunification, was illuminated in the colors of the Israeli flag. To show their support for Israel, London is part of England and the police have intensified security patrols around the city. – Thai News Agency

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