Police seized six tonnes of ganja, they say

Spanish police announced on Thursday that they had seized 6 tons of cannabis after clearing a large plantation near Barcelona, ​​according to their records.

The police operation resulted in the arrest of five people and the seizure of “six tons of cannabis, including 3.5 tons of wrapped buds,” Spanish police and civil guard said in a joint statement.

According to them, this is ‘the largest amount of cannabis ever seized in Spain’.

The investigation began in March 2021, when the police found 32 hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of industrial hemp in Vilacer de Mar, thirty kilometers from Barcelona.

Signs at the site suggested it was a legal operation, but no permit had been issued and the police soon realized they were facing a huge field of cannabis plants growing since 2018.

More than 100 cameras were operated day and night, allowing the monitoring of thousands of plants scattered throughout the many sheds and greenhouses.

A gateway to hashish in Europe for decades, Spain has seen its territory swarm in recent years, attracting criminal organizations from across the European continent.


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