POCO M6 Review 108MP Camera Price 5000 Baht

Welcome today Biztalk Tool There will be a review of the POCO M6, the budget smartphone. The price starts at 5,299 baht. What will the specifications be like? Have you tried the game and is it worth the price? Let's see.

Let’s start with some rough specs. It’s better first. This device has a 6.79-inch FHD+ (2460 x 1080) LCD display with a 90Hz refresh rate, which should meet the needs of gamers well. As for the maximum brightness value of 550 nits, if you play in the shade there is no problem. But it might be offensive to people who have to use their mobile phones outdoors.

The device is 8.3mm thick and weighs 205 grams.

The chipset uses MediaTek Helio G91 Ultra, and its power is close to the Snapdragon 685. The RAM I have here is 6GB. If you want to be 8GB, you have to add a little money to the 128GB ROM, and add a microSD card (up to 512GB) In this regard, the machine's response when plowing back and forth does not show any lag. It is considered that it flows well.

The battery capacity is 5030mAh, and supports 33W fast charging, which they claim can power the VDO for up to 17 hours, which is considered to meet the needs of long-term use. The 33W charging head is included in the box with the charging cable. No need to buy more.

For more details, there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack at the top of the device. As for the screen lock button, it is also a fingerprint scanner. It also offers face unlock. It should be noted that the price is just over 5,000 baht, but it comes with a lot of technology as well.

As for the camera, it was praised as the highlight of this model. Since the main camera is 108 megapixels, and can zoom without losing details 3X, the lens aperture is f/1.75.

The other lens is a 2MP f/2.4 Macro and there is no Ultrawide lens for this one.

The front camera comes with a resolution of 13 megapixels with an f/2.45 lens aperture.

In terms of video recording, both the front and rear cameras can shoot at up to FHD 1080p (1920×1080) 30 frames per second.

If you want to sum up the specs is it worth the price? I have to say it delivers well. People who are on a tight budget but want a device with technology should consider this model as an option.

That's it with the initial specs. Let's take a look at the images and see how the 108MP camera that comes with it captures images.

Let's start with taking general landscape photos. Capturing trees, sky and colors is acceptable for a phone at this price point or try using 3X to take landscape photos, the photos are still clear if the subject is not moving too fast. The photo is well stopped.

POCO M6 Review 108MP Camera Price 5,000 Baht

As for the light management, it is done well. Both dark and bright parts have no visible clouds in the picture.

POCO M6 Review 108MP Camera Price 5,000 Baht

As for the evening meditation, it was done well. This is considered good color reproduction, let's take a look at it. I took several pictures, both 1X and 3X.

POCO M6 Review 108MP Camera Price 5,000 Baht

The photos will be taken with a blurred background which is not lost on a 10,000 baht mobile phone. Here you can use portrait mode to take photos. You can choose the level of blur. Or you can choose to use 3X to take photos as well, I used 3X to take many photos. Because we will get a photo that looks more realistic.

I have to admit that this captures the details of the flowers very well.

Food photography in general, it is believed that the colors of food are conveyed well, they look very fresh and delicious.

Finally, the skin tone of the image is transferred. Tested with beauty mode turned off and found the face to be very realistic. Skin tone is a bit yellow.

As for the VDO, if it is set up with a tripod or is stationary, there is no problem at all. The picture will definitely come out usable. But if you want to walk around and take pictures and it may not answer the question. Because this does not come with vibration protection.

Summary of the shoot and we must consider that it was worth it.

Let's move on to playing some games. This time I tested the ROV game and tested it several times. Try to play 3-4 games at a time to make sure it works. In short, during the game we didn't encounter any problems. But there will be a delay in the menu page, and clicking on it will be a bit slow. It may not be fast enough for someone like me who has used the flagship before. But if the person who uses the mobile phone does not exceed 10,000, it may not feel slow.

So it is for the POCO M6 review if you ask who is it suitable for? Personally I think it is suitable to be a child's first mobile phone because its screen is not very bright. It also includes a blue light protection system. Or will you buy it for your parents? Who want a smartphone that they do not use very much, just chat with their children and grandchildren, take some pictures and check social media. It answers the question because it is inexpensive and gets a large screen.

-The Xperia 10 VI has been unveiled, a younger model that closely follows the older model at 16,990 baht.

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