Is the plan to open up marijuana, government time (not) sweet?

The decision of the Narcotics Control Board on July 5th to “accept” the return of marijuana to the drug fold blue master plan “Open Marijuana” and wait for the “NACC” final checkpoint at the end of this month. Look for signs of coalition rule. “Sweet!?”

  • The Narcotics Control Board's resolution on July 5 “accepts” the return of marijuana as a drug.“NACC Group” The last checkpoint is at the end of this month.
  • Check the votes of coalition parties to fold the plan.“Blue Flagship?”
  • You are so sweet! Didn't collide?

“For my part, I promise I will definitely vote no. stance “Anudin Sanvirakul” Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bhumzaitai's case to reinstate marijuana as a Category 5 drug as party leader still reflects the picture.“Power Test Game” In government between“Beau Thai”And“Boomjoy Mother” That appeared again

“Hot Cannabis” is from the timeline July 5In the past, the Narcotics Control Board passed a majority resolution. “accept”(Draft) Notification of Ministry of Public Health regarding designation of drugs in category 5 recommended to Narcotics Prevention and Control Board (ONCB), BE ) headed by Prime Minister on 1 Jan. 2025 before making a law allowing planting and use in time for notification

July 8 A group that opposes the return to the drug use of marijuana, led by “Prisichai Noonuan” Secretary General of the Network to Write Marijuana's Future Rally at Government House. 4 Submit a request to set up a joint committee to determine the research process in critical areas.

Ready to confirm that marijuana is no more deadly than cigarettes and alcohol. Including that which is not the cause of mental illness or calls to control the use of brain-destroying children “Cannabis Law” But if it is found to be more serious let it be controlled by the Narcotics Act as before.

July 10 “Chaichanok Chitchop” Lead the Bhumjai Thai Party General Secretary Executive Committee and party MPs stated the Bhumjai Thai Party's stand against the decriminalization of cannabis.

After this, the appointment is still to be observed. “NACC Group” A final decision will be taken at the end of this month with the Prime Minister as the chairman.

Check the voice of “NACC Committee” position “minister” Look, the “Boomjoy Thai” side has a voice on their hands. 3 soundsNamely, Home Minister, Labor Minister and Education Minister.

The other part 5 sounds Will be part of the coalition government. Both the Prime Minister and the President including the Ministers “Coalition Party” Together Minister of Social Development and Human Security (Chat Thai Pattana Party), Minister of Justice (Prachard Party), Minister of Public Health (Bu Thai Party), Minister of Industry (Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party)

The rest will be for the permanent secretary, director general, prosecutors and army chiefs.

While this is happening you should monitor the day's polling results. Because even “Anudin” admits it “The vote failed as there were only 3-4 votes. Will even the permanent secretary of the home ministry agree or not?”

Is the plan to open up marijuana, government time (not) sweet?

In the past, it was widely known as policy “Open Cannabis” Stop being addicted to drugs. It is considered the first flag. “Blue Camp” Ever since then, the hype has been raging “Boomjoy Thai Party”It is on the opposite side of the Pheu Thai party in the previous government. A draft of the Marijuana and Hemp Act has been submitted to the House of Representatives for consideration. But the council was dissolved in the second term until finally the council was dissolved.

Coming in the era of “Pyu Thai Party Government”, Bhumjoy Thai is a coalition party. Blue Flag Boat Dream Reissued Marijuana Law

It also commemorates the day the government joined hands.

“We have to support the policies of each coalition party while negotiating various political issues,” Anudin said in an interview on July 9.

But approach from shore “Somchak Thepsudin”Try to explain to the Minister of Public Health the reasons for decriminalizing marijuana. It came into force on December 9, 2021 for more than 2 years instead of enacting the Narcotics Code and is considered as the flagship law. And there must be a law to follow. It should be completed within 2 years

But because we pass secondary laws or the law is not completed at that time the law is not passed because it is proposed to the House of Representatives, so it is not timed, and can be extended for one year, therefore, when it cannot be done in time, we must issue a notice to stop it.

too “Somchak” I will try to emphasize that. The door isn't closed on the narcoticization of marijuana. “Open Cannabis” In the near future, a draft bill in particular should be submitted to the House of Representatives. It can be done after this

Is the plan to open up marijuana, government time (not) sweet?

But when the game takes such a turn, the “Unlock Marijuana” policy, which is considered to be the flagship policy of the “Blue Camp” coalition government, has been shut down. affect the speed of “Walking the Pieces” Aren't there different things in government?

Especially in council games they have to rely on each other's votes “Lower House” And “High Council”

At the end of the day, government relations still exist. “Very sweet” “Anudin” had said this before when the marijuana debate took place between them “2 Ministries, 2 Parties”

“If you can't survive, Anudin can't be Prime Minister. Because of my character.You are so sweet! Non-confrontation, non-contradiction is a natural quality”

Will it finally happen as Anudhin said or will there be “complicating factors” or not?

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