Peru: Six arrested, including three senior police officers


PeruSix people, including three senior police officers, were arrested

The Interior Ministry said they were linked to a corruption case involving ousted former President Pedro Castillo.

Illustrative image. Soldiers and police stand guard along the Pan-American Highway in the southern Peruvian city of Alto Chiguas.


Peru’s interior ministry announced on Monday the arrest of six people, including three senior police officers, allegedly linked to a corruption case involving ousted former president Pedro Castillo.

“Police officers, in coordination with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, launched a major operation that led to the arrest of 6 people allegedly involved in a corruption case related to irregular promotions in the police force,” a statement said.

The ministry notes that “three active police generals” were among those arrested. In exchange for their money Mr. Castillo will be involved in providing verified promotions.

Search in multiple cities

The arrests came during a police operation that included searches in several cities, including Lima. In the capital, two houses of ex-army minister Walter Ayala, who is under investigation in the case, were raided and various documents seized.

The Public Ministry is investigating Pedro Castillo and Walter Ayala for crimes of illegal sponsorship and criminal organization.

Former Army Chief General Jose Vizcarra and former Air Force Chief Jorge Chaparro said in November 2021 that the government was under pressure to promote officers who did not meet the necessary criteria.

Pedro Castillo was deposed and later arrested After attempting to dissolve Parliament on 7 December and announcing his intention to rule by decree, the move was qualified as a “coup d’état” by Parliament, for which he was prosecuted for “sedition” and “conspiracy”. A teacher of rural origin, he ruled for less than a year and a half, a period marked by deep political crisis.


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