Partygate – UK police weigh in on content of highly anticipated report


He asked that only the “minimum” be mentioned in the party statement held on Downing Street during the locks he was investigating.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is in turmoil.


British police said Friday that they had demanded that parties held on Downing Street during the locks they were investigating be mentioned only in a “minimal” way. Report The long-awaited, explosive internal administration for Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In fact, these parties have pushed him into a serious crisis, which threatens to keep him in office. Many MPs from his own Conservative camp are waiting for an internal report to be released on whether to try to oust him by a no-confidence vote.

Minimum reference

The release of an internal report written by senior government official Sue Gray on drinks, garden banquets and Christmas or birthday celebrations organized at the Prime Minister’s main residence in 2020 and 2021 has left newspapers and political classes in suspense. But the report has been slow to release because questions about what might appear in it have caught up with the police corruption that was announced Tuesday to investigate a number of parties, according to the press.

“For events under Med investigation [Metropolitan Police Service, la police britannique]We request that you make only a minimal reference to the Cabinet Office report, “said Sue Gray, an intermediary agency based on the task force, pointing out in a brief press release. Contact with the Cabinet Office continues, “she added.

Report release

Speculation abounds as to when the findings will be released. They were originally expected on Wednesday, but will not be finally released until next week, according to media reports. When asked about Sky News, Secretary of State for Technology Chris Philip noted that Downing Street had not yet received the document Friday morning.


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