Park your car properly to reduce accidents and increase safety.

Making hasty decisions can affect safety in the event of an emergency on the road. When an unexpected event occurs, the first thing you should do is stop your car and move it to the safest position to prevent rear-end accidents. Or several cars could collide, today Mr. OOHOO recommends the steps to park cars correctly. To reduce accidents can increase life safety

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How to park the car correctly?
Reduce accidents, increase safety

Park your vehicle in an area where parking is permitted.

This is done by parking close to the edge or shoulder of the road, no more than 25 centimeters away, if there is a designated parking space. Bring the car to park in the middle of the track. Does not overlap defined edges or lines. To allow other cars to park in the side area easily.

Do not park your car in dangerous areas.

By law, cars are prohibited from driving in areas at risk of causing danger, such as train routes and public bus stations. On sidewalks, crosswalks, narrow shoulders or bottle necks.

Do not stop to obstruct traffic routes.
If you can’t find a place to park your car. Areas where cars with lights should not be parked include corners, turns, narrow lanes, or entry and exit routes for other vehicles. You can check the prohibited parking areas in the article. Parking your car in an enclosed space at the entrance is a violation of the law.

In case the car breaks down
Park your car as close to the edge of the road as possible. With emergency lights on to warn cars behind us that there is an emergency in our car, but if there is a triple warning device or orange cones in cars, place them at least 50 meters from the car to warn other cars.

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A source of information: Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation

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