It’s rare to see “Bright Vachirawit” dancing so hard and paying tribute to “Bella”.

Very talented, and his abilities are not exaggerated “Mashreq Vashirawit Chiwari” He is now the owner of an artist management company, and most recently left his show at the end of the year with a romantic comedy film that carries a new and unique atmosphere. “Congratulations to my ex-boyfriend! An exciting love story with ex-girlfriends.” Ready to open your heart to dance in this movie.

(How is dancing so often mocked?)

“It is thought that everyone spoke very correctly. It is really difficult. It is just dancing. There is the problem of blogging. When we dance, what do we have to say in this sentence? What kind of mood, what kind of event? Acting and listening, and where will we point to the camera “Just dancing properly is hard. It’s quite messy. Sometimes you have to ask: When we step hands where do our hands go? It’s something I’m not really good at. Now I’m not worried about anything in the film. “I really cherish that scene. It’s only 3 minutes, but it was shot in two days. A Bollywood team came to shoot it. “It’s so stunning, every angle can be seen as fully as possible.”

(From now on, will there be dancing to watch?)

“Special only in Congrats My Ex! Yes, it’s a highlight of something that’s hard to find. Maybe for the first and last time it’s Bright Vashirawit. Actually, I love dancing, but it’s exhausting and Indian dancing is not dancing like usual. Which is what P’Belle is good at. Didn’t Get lost to Indians at all. It makes me look worse. “Actually, I trained a lot, I trained for 5-7 days for 3 minutes. “It feels like we should be very good at Vachirawit Bay.”

(Acting role in Congrats My Ex!?)

“She is a character with a lot of abilities. He is a boring person if he is doing new activities all the time so I had to study everything to be able to do it and act according to the role.”

(Company Owner Job How are you?)

“I’m very tired. It’s as if I had the opportunity to try my hand at the clothing business. But this is another kind. I still have some experience from the old one. But at first I still needed to adjust many things, and now I’m looking for a team. I had to recruit “A lot of additional people. There should be applications for several positions. But at the moment there is only one artist. If so, who would like to work together? You can follow me.”

(Are you used to being called the CEO and owner of the company?)

“I’m still not used to it. In fact, I like people calling me Bright more. I still let people call me Bright. (You call him Boss?) Yes, but Boss is more of a ka-nay-ka-nay type. Teasing each other Very kindly.”

(Last concert alongside Wayne Metawin and posted a touching post?)

Last Time on Tour “We’ve been with this concept for so long that we connected. Even if we win other projects, it will not be side by side.”

(When you meet Wayne after this, will your feelings be different than before?)

“It’s not much different. In fact, when we were in the same classification, we all worked differently. If you have any work, come and join the work.” Even though we are not in the same house, it is still the same. Next year, Wayne and I will be working on a project together. “I have to do one thing to win but I can’t tell you yet. Thank you Wayne. Thank you to all the fans. It’s taken us so long to do this. Sometimes we run into the same friend. Thank you so much for your support. I want to see our show grow and improve. This business doesn’t “It could go out smoothly. If we’re not good partners for each other.”

(The work that will be done with where?)

“It’s an advertisement.”

(Is it the first fan meeting at the end of the year?)

“For the end of this year there will be the first fan meeting. Who doesn’t have a ticket yet? Buy a ticket and see many things you’ve never seen before. I want everyone to come and be warm together. This work from beginning to end. Everyone will have a smile. May “The action is a little younger. But there are a lot of moments. And there will definitely be guests.”

It's rare to see

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