Orca in trouble at the scene will be euthanized

In the scene between Rouen and Le Havre, Orca, who is in trouble, is euthanized. The Seine-Maritime prefecture said Sunday that operations using sound stimuli to lead it to sea had failed.

The panel of experts unanimously concluded that ‘animal euthanasia is the only viable solution’, noting that state services are ‘preparing the mechanisms for this intervention’.

In a statement, the provincial government announced that operations launched on Saturday to help the killer whale return to the sea and its natural environment had failed.

These rallied for several days with many experts and veterinarians specializing in wildlife and a drone operated by firefighters.

Orca was first spotted on May 16 between Honflour and Le Havre, near Pont de Normandy. AFP Gérard Mauger, vice-president of the GECC, pointed out that the animal may have “already weakened” and headed for the mouth of the Seine.


The activities around the animal in the scene “exemplify inanimate, random reactions to sound stimuli and the erratic and distorted behavior of the killer whale”, referring to the province.

Audio recordings revealed ‘voices like the cry of a weeping man’, which underscores the province.

‘The attempt to bring Orca back to sea failed and it was decided to interrupt the intervention early in the evening so as not to further aggravate his stress,’ says Prefecture.

According to GECC spokeswoman Charlotte Curie, the Cherbourg-based association is concerned about the health of animals ‘diagnosed by a veterinarian’ to study and preserve marine mammals in the channel. ‘.

It is a generalized mycosis of the mycorrhizal type found in marine mammals in various parts of the world, especially in North America.

According to Charlotte Curie, the photos particularly revealed ‘deep ulcers, deep dermatitis and necrotic ulcers’.

Restricted zone

A condition that affects immunocompromised animals (…) and experts have confirmed that the disease ‘has reached an advanced stage, causing significant distress to the animals. .

After the analysis, the images collected on Saturday led to the observation of the ‘critical state of animal health’.

‘After receiving a diagnosis from a veterinarian (specific death), the decision was made to put an end to the operation,’ Charlotte Curie underlined, ‘imagining a dam across a row of boats and setting up a new operation was the only possible solution to the euthanasia of the animal.’ Charlotte Curie explains.

“If the risk of transmission from animals to humans is very low,” the area where the killer whale is located is off-limits to swimming and fishing, and water catchment areas are not provided or affected by the scene, Prefecture recalled. ‘.


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