Opening up the complex rules for electing senators presents a major problem for outsiders

It is supposed to “reopen” the scandal of “complicated rules”. But an important scandal still begins to reek, as if the “voters – big houses” have reserved space – for groups of people to “hustle”.

  • Applications for senators have closed in a total of 5 days, waiting for the number of applicants to reach 100,000 as estimated by the Election Commission.
  • The Central Administrative Court has ordered to strike down 4 key points in the regulations prescribing the option of “opening up” the public sector to facilitate access by the public sector.
  • Keeping an eye on the larger issue, the Election Commission explains that “foreigners” understand the “complicated rules”.
  • As a result, “applicants” can introduce themselves on more than 2 pages of A4 paper, but are still prohibited from expressing their positions and visions.
  • You can introduce yourself through the online platform. But paper media – radio – television are banned from giving interviews.

Applications are now closedElect a SenatorHistorical periods that do not exist”Intermediate rules“FromConstitution 2017 came into force, resulting in “New senators” During the National Council for Peace and Order there will be 200 people from the original period (NCPOThere are 250 people and this senate has no authorityVote for the Prime MinisterIn some way

By the official number of candidates the Election Commission Office (Election Commission) The preliminary list of candidates will be released after 10:00 PM on 25th May. Not later than May 30.

Initially, the total number of applicants for 4 out of 5 days (May 20-23) was 34,169, however, on the last day (May 24), Election Commission's “Sawang Panmee” confirmed. 34,169 people have applied. So it remains to be seen if the total number matches. Did the EC ever predict that there would be 100,000 people?

The issue of electing new senators was strongly criticized by many parties including the public sector.ComplicatedSome “politicians” have even defined the choice. This time the senator said that even the Election Commission office “has the most complicated rules in the world”.Sawang PanmeeThe Secretary General of the Election Commission will be a “firefighter” who will at all times try to explain that the Election Commission has a duty to abide by the law. It is the “National Assembly” or “National Assembly” during the NCPO period as per the 2017 Constitution and the 2018 Senators Acquisition Act.

It went to the office. The Election Commission has organized a clarification meeting for the representatives of Embassy, ​​Consulate, Honorary Consulate about the process of acquiring Senators (Senators) and international organizations in Thailand, the Secretary General of the Election Commission revealed that the Election Commission is to clarify the process of selecting senators when we elect MPs or senators with transparency. , we will explain in a way that they can understand properly.

“If the embassy is in Thailand and you follow, you may also know about our culture. But a good understanding should be created especially because the story may seem new to the senate Thai people or ambassadors because it is complicated. So I gave you an opportunity to explain that we have an acquisition process. And how transparent it is,” confirmed the Election Commission Secretary General.

But the Electoral Commission's regulations, such as the Electoral Commission's regulations on introducing both 2024 Senate preferences, are still rejected by candidates. The Senate sued the Administrative Court to overturn these regulations. Because it was found illegal there are restrictions on the rights and freedoms of the applicants. and hinders the creation of public awareness and understanding

Most recently, 24 May. The Central Administrative Court quashed the regulations. Senators 2024, Item 3, Item 7, both First Edition and Revised Edition, Item 8 First Edition 27 Apr. 2024 – 15th May 2024 and Item 11 (2) relating to the introduction of the Election Commission and (3) with retrospective effect from the date of coming into force of both the Regulations.

A summary of the salient points of the Administrative Court's order follows: The Constitution intends that the Senate be representative of the Thai people. It has many important functions. And according to the constitution has the duty to approve laws and are beneficial to everyone in the Kingdom of Thailand. Therefore, the 2018 Act on Acquisition of Senators requires the public to be involved in the decision-making process, even though the candidates must choose among themselves. The people do not have the right to elect senators, but the constitution guarantees the freedom of individuals to express their opinions, speak, see, think, write, advertise and communicate in other ways.

The Election Commission issued these regulations limiting the information about the background and experience of the candidates. The senator can only introduce himself to the applicant, including setting the criteria for applicants. Senators only together and bans applicants in the media profession and artists and actors use your own professional skills to benefit from that advice. Therefore, it restricts the rights and freedoms of the applicants. Senator beyond reason and deemed not to maintain the security of the State or the protection of individual rights and liberties or to maintain the good morals of the people and therefore the impugned regulation is unconstitutional.

Regulation 11 (5), prohibits applicants from introducing themselves on radio or television. The regulation prohibits only Senate candidates from broadcasting on radio, cable television, or print media, including giving interviews to the media, not the mass media. Therefore, it cannot be seen as limiting the right and freedom of the media in presenting news in any way.

So he gave judgment. 27 April 2024 – Repeal of the provisions of the ECT relating to self-introduction by Senators 2024, in both sections 3 and 7 of the first version and amended version 8, which entered into force on 15 May 2024 and section 11 (2) and (3), the aforementioned regulations. Both editions shall have retroactive effect from the date of their entry into force.

That means, henceforth, Senate candidates can “introduce themselves” on more than 2 pages of A4 paper, introducing their history and experiences to the public. However, applicants are still restricted. Senators introduce themselves or give interviews through “various media” other than online platforms. Also, it is not open for display. “Position-view” can only introduce itself. The past is only “history-experience”.

After the administrative court issued the said order, the senatorial candidates were immediately able to comply in an interview that the court decision would benefit the people. Let's proceed accordingly. Election Commission will follow this as a policy to give more rights to the people. After this, what the Election Commission thinks will be considered in the Election Commission meeting. But it is expected that there will not be much difference.

It is supposed to “reopen” the scandal of “complicated rules”. But there is still an important scandal like taking over the place of “voters – big houses” – the Election Commission has already ordered the office of the People's Committees to “hustle” the General Secretary and the Election Commission is already monitoring those involved. Any wrongdoing will be investigated immediately.

After this, we have to wait and see if the ECT will be “honest, transparent and fair” in carrying out its duties as per this motto.

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