It's time to part ways! Samsung and iFixit end self-repair partnership

Samsung And iFixit Announcing the end of cooperation in encouraging customers to repair their own devices. According to an announcement from iFixit, it will no longer be a reseller of third-party repair parts and tools. This is due to the high cost of parts and Samsung's design, after the two companies worked together for approximately two years for the program.

Samsung announced that it will switch to a different website called powered by Encompass instead.

Kyle Wiens, CEO and co-founder of iFixit, said the main reason for announcing the separation was because of parts prices. The company is unable to provide official spare parts for the latest Samsung devices such as Galaxy S23, Z Flip5, Z Fold5, but the parts are available at

iFixit's official press release casts doubt on Samsung's commitment to making repairs easier. This makes the company unable to supply spare parts to local repair shops at “reasonable” prices and quantities.

Furthermore, the statement complains at length that Samsung entered into this collaboration more for advertising purposes. It claims that the Korean manufacturer does not intend to facilitate access to its devices in any way.

However, iFixit is an independent organization. It will continue to offer repair tools for Samsung phones, just as it does for Apple devices and others.

source: com. gsmarena

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