Open “Vissanu Kriya-Ngam” asset account near 119 million, land only 45 million.

NACC opens “Vissanu Kriya-Ngam” property account after resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Together with wife, nearly 119 million, only couple’s land, total value 45 million.

On November 10, 2023, the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) released the assets and liabilities. One of the names revealed is Mr. Visanu Kriya-Ngam in the case of resignation of Deputy Prime Minister on September 5, 2023 by political office holders and persons holding positions in independent institutions.

however, Mr. Visanu’s total annual income is 2,640,000 baht. The salary is divided into 1,500,000 baht, pension 600,000 baht, meeting allowance 500,000 baht, land rent fee 60,000 baht, royalty fee 80,000 baht, lecture fee 100,000 baht. For the wife, Mrs Watsaraborn Krua-Nga, the total annual income is 2,955,722 baht. Salary is divided into 1,699,500 baht, land rent fee 600,000 baht, electricity sales fee 26,000 baht, Sao Praia Thevet Heritage Fund 630,000 baht.Annual Expenses: Mr. Visanu 1,448,000 baht, wife 1,100,000 baht

Chinsap Visanu Kriya-Ngam

for property Mr. Visanu said that he and his wife have assets of 118,935,550 baht. Mr. 500,000 baht by Wissanu’s cash, deposit 11,722,203.27 baht, investment 18,370,158.58 baht, land 40,400,000 baht (88 plots), houses and buildings (5 houses) 100,000 rights, 80,00, wife has cash 50,000 baht. 0,000 baht deposit 20,252,801 baht investment 11,730,386.86 baht, land 4,600,000 baht (10 plots), rights and privileges 180,000 baht, no declaration of vehicle ownership. And no debt.

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