One Lumpini Boxing Results 64, fierce in every match, Ti Yai returned to his good form, and knocked him out in 48 seconds.

One Lumpinee 64 boxing results

Main bout: Parham Kirati won by disqualification of Jordan Godfredsen at 0:40 of the second round (Muay Thai, bantamweight 135-145 lbs).

Secondary Bout: Om MBK's Phet Muang Si Wan won by TKO over Denphuthai MC Superlek Muay Thai 1:19 of Round 1 (Thai Flyweight 125-135 lbs).

Phetmorakot Sitnayok Thawiptavong won by unanimous decision over Desinoy Liamthanawatt (Muay Thai, catchweight 127 lbs).

Lemsing Sor.Dechapan won a unanimous decision over Dapdam PTT Thongtawi (Muay Thai, catchweight 126 lbs).

Got Tai Phetchaburi won by non-unanimous decision over Robocop Radgold Gym (muay thai, catchweight 120 lbs).

Phet Neil Mangkorn, Captain Kane Boxing, won by knockout over Akradij Kwai Pang Khu Liem at 1:37 of the first round (Muay Thai, atomweight 105-115 lbs).

Te Yai BK Saenchai won by knockout over Choto Sato at 0:48 of round 1 (Muay Thai, catchweight 120 lbs).

Johan Estopinan won by knockout of Kota Omori at 0:27 of round 1 (Muay Thai, catchweight 141 lbs).

Noppadej Chor.Hapayak won by non-unanimous decision over Nawaek S.Sommai (Muay Thai, catchweight 134 lbs).

Ishfaq Syed wins by unanimous decision over Filip Nicochadel (MMA bantamweight 135-145 lbs)

Satoshi Katashima won by disqualification of Jiang Lumin at 0:43 of round 2 (Muay Thai, catchweight 126 lbs).

Shoya Ishiguro won by submission over Bruno Acevedo at 9:17 of round 1 (catch weight 139 lbs).

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