Burning Sun: Behind the curtain of K-Pop, there is sexual violence that South Korean society does not condone

Seungri began expanding his career from idol to businessman.

One of the businesses owned by this former youth idol is Burning Sun, an entertainment venue in the Le Méridien Hotel in Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea.

Upon passing through the entrance walking through the darkness you will find the main area of ​​this entertainment venue which houses ordinary people and VIP guests.

What's special about this club is that Seungri is a DJ and has captured the hearts of many guests. Then he had the male guests come and reserve tables

But the secret story is while the young woman was having fun. Someone will secretly photograph an unconscious woman. They sent their photos to the VIP guest group chat.

When the guest chooses what kind of woman he wants? Who is the person shown in the picture? She is sent to a secret room isolated from the chaos of the club where she is unknowingly raped.

Or sometimes they are dropped off at a hotel or driven to another location.

According to the BBC report, it appears that the reason behind this group of men committing crimes and escaping each time was from the police officer whom they were close to and trusted in dealing with various legal issues.

Burning Sun is a case that has caught the attention of South Korean citizens, K-pop fans, and people around the world. But it seems that the punishment they received is still in question.

Jung Joon Young was sentenced to 6 years in prison, Choi Jung Hoon was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison, and Seungri was sentenced to 1 year and 6 months in prison.

This issue not only had an impact on the K-Pop industry alone, but on everyone involved. The journalist is reprimanded and unable to have children. You have caused a wound in the hearts of many women. The most important thing is the idol industry.

It's also the truth about the other side of the artist we love. It may not be what we think. We must admit that idols can make mistakes.

If it is a mistake, it must be said according to the mistake that occurred.

Sex crimes, drugs, and the image of the idol industry

To be honest, Burning Sun may not be the first case where the accused is an idol artist active in the K-Pop industry.

The blazing sun is just the beginning to stir people's thinking in the community.

Because then Korean netizens also have quick eyes. Notice the originality of the K-Pop industry more clearly.

Burning Sun: Behind the curtain of K-Pop, there is sexual violence that South Korean society does not condone

Whether it is smoking in a closed area, drug issues, or sexual issues, it never escapes their notice.

If we talk about the big problems in the first half of 2024, there will be news about drugs in Yoo Ah In's body, which has been investigated for the reason several times. Or even doubting the presence of drugs in the body of Lee Sun Kyun, who just passed away at the end of 2023.

One reason may be that the idol industry has a price to pay. Everyone must sacrifice their privacy. Dedicated to being an artist and can do no wrong

The South Korean people suffer and remember. They made a mistake once, and they remember it forever.

Coming back is never easy, it's always difficult.

A time bomb from one mistake.

Since celebrities should be moral and perfect, doing something wrong even just once may make that person unable to stand in the industry again.

The most dangerous thing is to leave the industry. Withdrawing from the group, withdrawing from a program or drama, or withdrawing from being a presenter

If the crime is light or misunderstood by society, we still need time to heal people's mistakes and thoughts.

For example, in 2022, Kim Sae Ron, an actress who was drunk, drove a transformer on the sidewalk. Causing damage to the transformer. The repair took up to 3 hours. It also caused problems with traffic lights in the area. Traffic jams in the morning. Some nearby restaurants do not accept card payments.

Even if it seems like a slight mistake but until today, it has been two years since she didn't have any acting work. He was cast as a lead actor in a play but chose to withdraw due to the social trends of the time and there was news that she was working part-time in a café. While facing difficulties

As for the Burning Sun issue, news came after the BBC released a documentary saying: Jung Joon Young, who was released on March 19, 2024, is returning to K-Pop as a producer. But there is still no confirmation of the news at all.

It may be difficult for him to return. Because his crime was not driving under the influence of alcohol. But it is a crime against women.

The crime that occurred is no different from a time bomb in days when Korean society is difficult to tolerate. Observance of rights is number one. It's also at a time when social dynamics are changing.

Although the Burning Sun affair is over, only traces of the entertainment venue remain in memory. And someone's emotional wounds

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