ONE Championship: Tiger Black is ready to rematch Kyamran, saying out loud that it won't be the same old movie.

Black Tiger Tea Bran 49“I came out to answer yet.”Kimran Nabati“He was challenged to accept the challenge to rematch again at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium. The Thai boxer stressed that he is always ready to fight with his old opponent and the result will definitely not be like the previous fight.

After the battle One Lumpinee 55 Last Friday, March 15, 2024, in the main match fought under Muay Thai rules. Bantamweight (135-145 lbs)Kimran NabatiThe Russian boxer had two counts in the third round, where he successfully won on points over Avatar PK. Saenchai” This was the second win for “Kiamaran” in One Lumpini

Watch ONE Lumpini's clip dated March 15, 2024, Avatar PK Saenchai vs. Kiamran Nabati.

Avatar vs. Kyamran

“After the match is over”Kiamaran“Talk about a name”black Tiger“Who had previously fought once in Russia and who was able to defeat him by knockout revealed that he was happy and ready to Tiger“Rematch at Lumpini Boxing Stadium if we meet again

“I want to give it a chance. black Tiger I wiped my eyes because last year he came to fight in my hometown in Russia. She knocked him out in just 21 seconds of the first round. Now I heard the news that he wants a rematch with me. So I want him to take revenge again in his hometown. And if I can fire him a second time. This must be the right time for Boss Chatri to give me one sports contract.


black Tiger

When he heard his old rival say this,black Tiger“I came out to answer”KiamaranHe immediately sent a message to the Russian fighter that he was ready to calculate the account on a composite basis as well.

“The first fight we met. At that time I had a lot of problems. He was not quite ready so I lost by knockout to him in Russia. I saw him saying that he wanted me to take revenge. I am waiting for the opportunity when that day comes. We will meet. The second fight will definitely not be like The last fight, I hope so. Kiamaran Please prepare yourself well. I'm waiting for the opportunity to make amends with you as well.”


Stefan vs Black Panther

If only one is counted, the combat form is “black Tiger“Very bold, and has a record of five fights in a row without defeat. The victory came by eliminating 4 competitors, the last of which was a victory on points over Stefan Korodi in the battle. One Fight Night 18 On January 13, 2024

while “KiamaranHe achieved an unbeaten record of 20 consecutive fights after recently defeating the powerful Thai boxer “Avatar” in a fight. One Lumpinee 55 On Friday, March 15, we will have to wait and see whether or not this pair gets back together. They waited to see whether it would be “Kiamaran” who would take revenge or would it be “Black Panther” who would succeed in taking revenge.

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