ONE Championship: Songchai Noi is ready to make his debut for ONE, showing off his fighting style non-stop.

The waiting time is over.”Songchai NoiIt's time to get back in the ring. Ready to make its debut on the world stage One Fight Night 21 With a fierce shape

Songchai Nui Kyatsonggrit“A 23-year-old fighter, small body and big heart from Paknam. Opening the fight for the first victory spot on the world stage with 19-year-old rising star Nicholas Leit Silva from Brazil under Muay Thai rules, a specific weight (catch weight) of 116 pounds in the fight. One Fight Night 21 It will be broadcast live from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) during prime time in America which falls at 7am on Saturday, April 6.

Watch ONE Lumpini's clip on November 17, 2023, Songchainoi Kiatsongrit vs Rak Erawan.

“Songchai Noi” returns to show his skills to make you miss him.

for “Songchai Noi“The 156cm tall man gave a fierce performance in the battle. One Lumpini He won 5 wins in a row and received a special bonus of over 1.4 million baht, and with this excellent form, he won a single sports contract worth 100,000 US dollars (about 3.7 million baht), becoming the 8th person on the show in the fight. . One Lumpini 41 On November 17, now is the time to show everyone that young fighters can fight at a world level.


Songshinoi v. Rak

He disappeared from the ring for about 5 months.Songchai NoiHe is still lurking, training and preparing to always make the body ready and perfect. He adjusted his combat strategy to suit the world stage. I would like to show a fierce and careless fight for everyone to remember.

“The first moment I heard the news that I would be fighting in ONE Championship, I was very happy and excited. “I have wanted to fight in a big event like this for a long time. In this fight, I'm focusing more on practicing my selling points. Both weigh a punch plus there is the added advantage of being flexible and finding a variety of opportunities to do things.

“I may be at a disadvantage against my opponent because I am small in size. It makes it necessary to focus on using martial weapons to fight. The combat plan must be adjusted according to the style of the opponent to be faced. I must study how they plan to fight. At the global level, each side must study “His opponent is good. I will use my strength to compensate and make the most of it.”


Songshinoi v. Nicholas

Prepare for this battle.”Songchai NoiHe admits that there is not much information about his opponent, Samba “Nicholas,” who trains at the Family Muay Thai Gym, but he is ready to handle the pressure of facing a foreign opponent for the first time in ONE without any problem. I would like to continue maintaining my undefeated record.

“I've never seen Nicholas fight in its entirety, I've only watched highlights of his fight. He has one punch and a terrifying leg kick. For this fight, I planned so the first round would probably focus on looking at each other first. But if I saw his mistake and then opened up openings… “I was ready to take advantage of that moment to end the match quickly.”


“Songchai Noi” is ready to make his debut in ONE Championship

“Now I am very confident that I will win and extend my unbeaten record to the sixth fight. This fight is very important to me. Because it is the first time it has been released on the world stage. There is excitement and desire to continue maintaining the winning streak from last year. When he has the opportunity The opportunity to fight on a big show, no one wants to lose.

Thai sports fans can book tickets to watch the fight. One Fight Night 21 On the field via THAI TICKET MAJOR, the first match starts at 7:00 AM, watch online via Facebook ONE Championship Thai, YouTube ONE Championship (some countries), (some countries) and on channel 7HD Press 35 (Thai language) To receive the live signal at 10:00 AM.

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