Bilibili launches a new anime lineup for Spring 2024, ready to hit the screen with over 30 titles!

Did you know? This spring (spring) or April 2024, there will be up to 30 new anime on screen for fans to watch on Bilibili! Whether it's another world, fantasy, action, romance, comedy, or the anime sequel everyone has been waiting for, Bilibili has brought it all together, worthy of being the largest library of licensed anime and the leading anime video platform in Southeast Asia. Whatever it is, the right story, you can pin it and wait to watch.

Are you ready for the new season of the anime? Who is not ready, the spring 2024 anime is already ready to be shown on the screen for fans to watch more than 30 titles, at this event, the Bilibili platform will be on fire because every anime presented to everyone is as fierce and hot as the weather. In Thailand, especially the WIND BRERER, which is very exclusive, only available in Bilibili. Moreover, there is a sequel anime where the story becomes more and more intense, to the point where you cannot miss even a single episode. Born into This Life, should be Brother Thep Season 2 (Part 2), Reborn as a Slime, Part 3, Black Butler-Public School Arc, Date A Live Season 5, and Demon Slayer Sword. The Pillars Teaching Section is ready to be released to everyone as well, and there are many new anime, whether Japanese or Chinese, waiting for everyone to follow them.

Exclusively only in Bilibili

“Absolutely fantastic” If this word is used to define the anime WIND BRECER, it is because this is not a story of clashes between ordinary gangsters, but of battles that develop into unforgettable friendships. One of the works of Master Nii Satoru who aimed to show a different perspective of a gangster than before. The students of Furin High School are not ordinary children, but the students are the heroes of the city. Helping the weak, protecting people from evil. Sakura Haruka, who transferred to study at the school when he entered the Furin School, his first goal is to rise to the top of this school! Although she had always fought alone in the past, Haruka's life was about to change from now on.

Top 6 anime that should not be missed

  • Born into This Life, You Shall Be Divine, Season 2 (Mushoku Tensei: Unemployed Reincarnation, Season 2, Cour 2)

After a long and hard battle, Rudeus finally decides to marry Sylvie and prepare to find a new place to live. Although good things happened, life was sweet, but without fail, another disturbing story happened after Sylvie became pregnant. As grief and various problems were approaching Rudeus once again, a message requesting urgent help was sent to Rudeus, prompting Rudeus to speed up his journey even though Sylvie herself was recently pregnant.

  • Reincarnated as a slime (that time I got reincarnated as a slime, season 3)

Returning this time, Rimuru has become a full-fledged Demon Lord, and from the previous meeting it is deduced that two people have given up their positions. Before he could even catch a break, Rimuru received a report from Dyrbol about a peace treaty offer he could not refuse, implicating him with the Kingdom of Valmos. Meanwhile, on the Holy Empire side, Superius Inata and the Saints themselves held a meeting regarding the resurrection of the Raging Wind Dragon and the birth of a new Demon Lord. This meeting has already contributed to destabilizing the country.

  • Arc Black Butler Public School

It's another anime that has been missing for a long time, but Ciel Phantomhive is finally back with a new chapter of the story. New puzzles that are more mysterious than before. Ciel receives orders to find the Queen's relative who disappeared at the school, prompting Ciel and Sebastian to infiltrate Weston School to investigate the truth. What exactly happened? What secrets does this school hold?

  • Phichitrak Phitaklok (Season 5 of Date A Live)

Tokisaki Kurome, this girl is called the most evil ghost who changed the world by saving Itsuki Shido several times from death. Willing to sacrifice even himself for the survival of the other party. When Shido learns of Kurumi's true feelings, he tells the ghosts everything, trying to avoid the terrible future that is about to happen and decides that he will not allow Kurumi to bear her fate. The world is only for one person anymore.

When Japan became the country with the highest incidence of kaiju in the world. Kaiju have completely become a part of people's lives and have caused a great deal of loss to people. But during the kaiju invasion of the country, something unexpected happens to Habino Kafka, who once dreamed of becoming a defense force. He was transformed into a kaiju by a mysterious creature and was given the title of Kaiju No. 8. What is all this!?

  • Demon Slayer: Pillar Education Arc (Kimetsu no Yaiba Hashira Training Arc)

A new dawn has begun. Nezuko eventually managed to conquer sunlight and became the first demon in history to live in sunlight. “This made Muzan see the path to complete immortality. From now on, Nezuko would no longer be safe. That was why demon slayers had to always be prepared to deal with demons and Muzan, so there were instructions from the pillar. The main thing happened

Anime, other worlds, fantasy

  • When he was reborn as the Seventh Prince it was to make studying magic fun.
  • May good luck prevail in the fantasy world! Part 3
  • Who said I'm not fit to be the Demon King?Ⅱ: The strongest Demon Lord ancestor in history was reborn to teach at his grandchildren's school. The second half.
  • A chilling life in another world with a former heroic candidate who was cheating badly after the second level.
  • Reborn as a Noble Become great with the Evaluation skill

Fantasy action anime

  • The Mysterious Brothers and Sisters at the Mahout School, Part Three
  • My Hero Academia Part Seven
  • Answer: The Demon King's monster

Anime, romantic, warms the heart

  • How could a demon lord like me love an elf's wife?
  • Hananoi-kun's addictive love
  • Villain Level 99: I may be the hidden boss but I'm not the demon lord
  • Hinjin no salad bowl
  • The true story behind the microphone and voice actor duo.
  • welcome home

Anime, investigation, game, sport

  • The (deep) person solves the (secret) mystery of the boarding school class.
  • Smart Game: People vs. Gods
  • The new portal The new portal
  • Tonbo

Chinese anime

  • Immortality, Part 3
  • I would like to give you this life back.
  • Fancy animal trainer
  • If it's boring then the game is over.
  • Dragon Adventure Magazine
  • Punk reborn
  • Go back in time to save the crisis
  • Fantastic beasts 3
  • Angelic footballer
  • This dinner is for you.

Of course, the above-mentioned anime are only a portion of the anime that Bilibili will broadcast, not all of them will be broadcast in Spring 2024. In fact, there is a lot that is important. It comes with fun activities and free prizes for those who watch anime within the platform as well. “Kill two birds with one stone” Not only will you be able to watch your favorite anime, but you will also have the chance to be the lucky winner of receiving special anime prizes. Don't delay, hurry up and download the Bilibili app through Google Play or App Store, or you can follow Bilibili on the webpage at​

source: Bilibili Thailand

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