Om Paccharappa meets her ex-lover again. This time Miron's dance show is very smooth (clip)

They are said to be a former beautiful couple who is being watched. For the young star heroine Om Pacharappa Chichua And the youth of high society Pok Prathanong Phunprava Although the couple has been separated for many years, they meet again at friends' events. It makes many people wonder what it will be like when the two meet.

Latest ohm book They meet again at a high-society hostess's birthday party. Pawarisa penshat ring The party should be a lot of fun, if it is organized in the style of an African safari. Especially the young lady Om who seems to be enjoying it a lot. You can see from the clip on TikTok that the famous DJ-MC Matum Chen Let me tell you, my mom really enjoyed dancing,” she posted.

But at this time, many netizens had good eyes. Notice that the young man wearing the white shirt in the clip is standing and watching. Oh And the younger heroines Chermarn's trick Dancing to the song “Miron” with concentration. He's not anyone else, he really is. Hey, carry This was certainly noted at the end of the clip Hey, carry He smiles secretly too.

Make fans not only comment and praise Om ploy Many people stopped harassing him. Hey, carry Not really, for example, Khun Bok, why are you staring at Bom like that? It's so cute, Khun Bok sits and watches too, oops, I saw Khun Bok, Khun Bok, Khun Bok really too, that's what it looks like. Very good for me, the dress is very beautiful, it makes you look beautiful when you wear it, but now you are staring at something like this, and you secretly see someone sitting and smiling, what are you staring at. Etc. white shirt?

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