Nuncool received it! F Thaksaworn’s flirtation reveals that he still does not call him a “girlfriend” | WeR NEWS

Recently (November 9, 2023) young man Nonkun Chanon came out to give a clear and complete answer to the relationship between the young woman from AFL Thaksaorn by clearly announcing it. It’s true that you’re flirting with the app. The more we talk, the more we like it. She plans to go so far as to make the other person a wife

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This is what young Nonkole revealed. First of all, I would like to apologize to everyone on November 2nd. I didn’t give an interview. I just came to the conclusion that I will not interfere in personal matters. I agree because I feel that the cremation ceremony for (Avel’s father) has not been a month yet. Therefore I consider it appropriate not to say anything that would create any kind of trend that would cause criticism and make him feel bad. And one more thing, it’s only been a month and two days.

He also revealed that I was talking to Pav, in fact, after the end of filming the series, we continued to talk like brothers, but I felt that the more we talked to him, the more we felt that we loved him more and more, but if we told the senses to move the relationship. From big brother to little brother for it to develop, if it was really clearer, it would probably have been shortly before the AFL’s parent event.

When asked whether or not it was Nonakul who flirted with the AFL girl first? He said yes, at first he was a little scared (laughs), but we did our best. There may be some fear of disappointment. But in the end, we give 100% loyalty.

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When asked what do you like about him? Nonkon replied that he takes care of others very well, he really cares about every detail of everyone, we saw that and were impressed from day one and he is still impressed today.

Asked: Do I have to pass the New Year’s checkpoint first? He replied, “There are some. Nong Pee is a really nice person.” When I met Nong Pee, I got along with everyone.”

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For example, how do we view love between different ages? I don’t think it’s anything scary, the person replied. “In the end, age or gender doesn’t matter. If we understand each other, I think it’s okay.”

When asked if the AFL has an age barrier when we talk to them or do we fear it ourselves? “I wasn’t sure either. On the first day we talked slowly and tried to talk. But when it comes to today, at this moment, I hope this wall won’t remain,” Nonkul replied.

When asked, it means that the situation today is not yet complete, so what will the situation be? He replied that yes, now I can fully say that I am talking to him. And I’m the only person I talk to now.We both haven’t used the word friend yet. But coincidentally, he and I are both people who attach great importance to this word, but don’t worry if one day we both choose to use the word friend. The time between being boyfriend and girlfriend is definitely a rocket. (Did we plan that far?) Of course, we’re both adults, right? Then I realized it wouldn’t take that long because he wouldn’t wait for me (smiles).”

In many moments, people were very impressed. We are there to support you and help you with everything. How do you feel? Nonkon replied that we only do what we feel comfortable doing. We just want to stand here, and he’s already at an AFL daddy event. I said I wasn’t really helping him much. It was his relatives, friends and older brothers who helped a lot. We went, that is, we just went as if to encourage him.At least if that happens, there will be support here.

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