NOP MUSIC SCHOOL, the music school that produced the song “Prae Parita” BABYMONSTER, has passed the audition for a famous Korean company.

After Thailand is a world-famous artist like “Lisa” Lalisa Manoban who was chosen to be an artist for YG Entertainment, the Blackpink group that many people know. Lisa's global popularity has made many people dream of taking the test. He is an artist under YG Entertainment.

Old school music that creates artists

Recently, another Thai girl made her debut as an artist. YG Entertainment label, i.e. “Prae” Parrita Chaikong, is the second Thai girl under YG Entertainment. She is a member of a Korean girl group. New member of BABYMONSTER, one of the highlights of “Prae Parrita” Her unique, clear and resonant voice

In addition to his innate talent for singing. “Bray Baretta The only thing that cannot be denied is the fact that she has a good trainer and this helps to practice crying properly. Even making her become a singer with a unique voice as well as preparing to position the character before debuting as an artist from a famous Korean brand this time. Today, let's learn about NOP MUSIC SCHOOL, a music school. Which helps to practice singing and character “Prae Parrita” BABYMONSTER

In the past he sponsored artists at guitar recording camp.

For music school NOP MUSIC SCHOOL is a music school that has been open for over 32 years. The founder is a former famous artist of the wood pulp band. “Master Nob Sutivan” The author of the bat song eats bananas and it is passed on to the heirs Master Mong “Mr. Chattopom Kamloesha, Executive Director of Nob School of Music and Kru Mong Vocal Studio”

Teacher Mong Tell us about the origins of the school? Our family is a musical family. And with expert experience in their own music and a father made it possible for famous record companies of that era, such as KStar Records chose us to look after the trends of singers under the label during that period, which goes back nearly 30 years. The artists we sponsor, such as Ms. Saengrawee Assawarak, the Brazilian band Malila, or Jarunee Suksawat, etc., with our experience of being trendsetters for singers in famous record labels. Make me and my father so I decided to open a music school called Noob School of Music.

Masterpieces of “Pam Baretta” and “Korn the Star Idol”

By creating two courses, consisting of The course is for the public Come and study to develop your emotional intelligence. Creative thinking, emotional development, use in daily life The second cycle is as wellSpecialized courses for those wishing to become singers or artists. Which can be informed so what are your needs? Do you want to go to a singing competition, want to debut as an artist from a famous company in Korea, or want to attendTeaching to take the entrance examination for a bachelor's degree at the university. The school will organize the teaching curriculum to achieve the objectives.

In the past, the school has offered specialized courses to many people interested in becoming artists. Both of them were able to be born as artists under famous record labels both in the country and abroad such as Pray Baretta Who went to the music company YG Entertainment in the footsteps of “Lisa” was successful. Or is he an artist in the country like “Corn Flat” Star Idol Amen who was chosen to be in the eighth round of The Star Idol, etc.

Teacher Mong spoke of his pride in being a music teacher behind her success. So we can send people with dreams to reach their dreams which is in the part “Prae Parita” who debuted as an artist from a famous Korean brand She has been studying music in our school since childhood. When I was a child, I did not have far-fetched dreams. At that time, students came to study in the general education curriculum. In terms of the trend of debuting as an artist in Korea, it started after Pray returned to study with us again. The goal this time is to study a specialized course in order to debut as an artist in Korea, and the same school has spent a year following Nong Prae, who is on track to become an artist. Specialized Courses There must be directions of singing, posture and personality, because being an artist cannot sing well alone. Must have all components

The cycle of artist trends past or present is not much different.

toArtist trends from the past there are some differences from today. But that's not much. Which the school must modifyAnd continue to study there, but the main thing we are heading to is how to sing beautifully. The trend in the matter of singing is no different from the past, just like your personality and initial orientation. It is very important to add charm to yourself.

However, creating artists is not possible for everyone, many people who sing well but do not have charisma cannot be artists. In this era, personality is a very important charm of being an artist. We have a duty to develop capabilities. And prepare here for our students as much as our school's potential can and if you follow this trend until you are ready, your chance is certainly greater than those who are not prepared.

In the past of Lisa's world-famous popularity. It is an incentive to Parents and children all dream of having their children audition for Korean artists. As a result, there are young people who have a good singing foundation or love to sing. I move on to study music more. In the past people were interested and wanted to go the artist route. Starting at the age of 13-14, specialized courses are not usually limited to people who want to become artists. But we will have students who come to study specialized courses. In order to be used for the university music entrance examination, rather than for those studying to become artists.

A perspective of doing business in a music school

Teacher Mong said that our school has been open for a long time. Which causes the need for self-control and curriculum control, especially the scientific courses that must be developed to be able to help children who dreamed of attending a music university follow their dreams. Students who come to study with us can take competitive exams to enter universities in the country. And abroad, as for teaching children to be an artist, you must be able to mix academics and popularity. Let's put it together. We may be lucky because we have already found popular artists on record labels before. However, although our school has a specialized curriculum, to be an artist those who come to study with the aim of becoming artists are not many, only 20-30%.

In a business perspective currently, music schools are still on trend. Because parents still attach importance to sending their children to study music because there are clear studies that playing music helps develop emotional intelligence in children. Helping children focus on studying. And helping children stay away from the screen so they don't get addicted to games. More parents are bringing their children to music lessons. The cost of studying music has not increased much at the present time. Which is adjusted according to the value of money and the economy in each period

Part of the competition in this business is the competition is very high, with many people opening music schools. People who graduated from music universities turned to open a music school but everything should depend on the experience of the teacher. New graduates who come to open a school must gradually accumulate experience, and those wishing to study music with the Nob School of Music. The school is currently located near the Budendisha School on Soi Lat Phrao 112.

Call by phone 08-4398-6953 and ID line: krueiad

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