Cryptocurrency Market Summary: Don't Leave It! Doji continues to lead blue-chip coins, Bitcoin Cash rises by double digits

Zodiac hunting! Dogecoin (DOGE), the king of memes, continues to lead all major coins. BTC, ETH, BNB, SOL and

DOGE, the king of memes and the eighth-ranked digital currency in the world, continues its good performance today, as the price has been on a continuous rise since March 20, from reaching the lowest point at $0.12253, going up to the point, and peaking on March 28 at $0.22888 before… He rests a little. This morning it traded at $0.21624 +5.81%.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) just crossed a major milestone earlier today when its price reached $693, marking its highest price in two years and five months since the beginning of November 2021. Before it sat back a bit but it is still a level that stands out from the others. The price of the coin was up double digits +13% to $684 at the time of reporting.

There are two main factors expected to support the BCH price increase. The first is the Bitcoin Cash halving event, which automatically halves the issuance of coins (similar to a Bitcoin halving), causing the coins to become more rare and valuable, according to the report. com. nichash This event is expected to happen on April 2.

Another issue is the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has recognized BCH as a commodity. This is good news that clarifies the status of BCH, and with this certification, Coinbase will likely launch BCH-related derivatives products in April.

Today's Cryptocurrency Fear and Greed Index rose to 79 or Extreme Greed level (Extreme Greed) from yesterday's level of 75 or Extreme Greed level (Greed).

As for the market value of cryptocurrencies, it rose to $2.69 trillion (+1.65%), and a trading volume of $67.3 billion (+0.83%), with Bitcoin representing 51.88% of the market value.

source: en.bitcoinhaber com. coinmarketcap

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