Nintendo shows what Miis will look like on Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports, the spiritual successor to Wii Sports, will allow players to create and play unique avatars. But that doesn’t mean Miis is going anywhere.

In Nintendo Switch Sports, players can create a Sports Mate, a detailed avatar that they can create and customize. But in the original Wii Sports, players were able to use Miis as their sports counterparts. Well, they can still do it on Nintendo Switch Sports.

In the official Nintendo Switch Sports trailer, Nintendo detailed the process of creating the Sports Mate. But for Miis fans, you can still use your custom avatar, although their heads will be attached to a slightly more elaborate body as you can see in the image below.

Credit: Nintendo

You may want to create an “athletic companion”.

Jokes aside, it’s nice that the upcoming Nintendo Switch Sports has the option to use either a Sports Mate or a Mii avatar.

While it’s not a direct sequel, Nintendo Switch Sports will bring several motion-controlled mini-sports to the Switch. Nintendo will also add new sports games after launch with Golf planned for fall 2022.

Wii Sports was a defining game of the Wii era and popularized the Nintendo home system. Nintendo followed up with Wii Sports Resort which used Wii Motion Plus’s extra fidelity for more games. Check out our review of the Wii Sports Resort and Wii Sports here.

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