NHSO adjusts delivery criteria for outpatients in Bangkok, reducing medical fees to 100 baht.

However, the NHSO has set criteria for payment of expenses by adjusting the rate of payments on a per capita basis or based on service performance. or by dividing both events into 3 parts, including

1. Include a list of services and target groups. By covering the cost of basic health check-ups in the community and proactive service charges in the community

2. Health promotion and disease prevention services for each age group after screening and identifying 11 risk groups

3. Include payment criteria for health promotion and disease prevention according to primary care units' goals and service outcomes. Not more than 30 baht per population in the Bangkok area except for the 11 health screening items and items on the free schedule set by the NHSO

The meeting also considered and agreed. Adjusting the criteria for payment of costs for outpatient services by the NHSO, changing the design of allocation of money for outpatient services according to capitation to primary care units. From March 1, 2024, agree to adjust the Medicare payment rate for outpatient services in the Bangkok area. In accordance with the advice or opinions of the Office of Public Health.

It also agrees to adjust the criteria for disbursement of expenditure on health promotion and disease prevention by allowing NHSO to proceed according to specified criteria. And to proceed immediately

Henceforth, the NHSO will move to understand and practice services with primary care units. Especially with participating hot community clinics about the criteria for paying for services. NHSOs can gain more if they provide a comprehensive range of services, including health promotion and disease prevention services to the public.

However, any vulnerability or problem will be evaluated and followed up. In addition to reporting to OCS for further discussion.

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