“New Doctor” criticizes political parties’ tampering with security. Support and protect those who violate the establishment, strongly asking: Will it be a rebellious party?

incautious! “New Doctor” does not tolerate the actions of some parties. It tampers with stability, supporting and protecting violations of institutional rights and freedoms, communicating with separatist groups, dissolving the security services, and seriously asking whether it will be a rebel party or not?

Photo of Dr. Sovanat Abinian or Dr. Jadid from the file
Very exciting today (November 1, 2023) Dr. Sovanat Apinian or Dr. Niu, a researcher at the MAST Center Research Institute and College of Biomedical Engineering, University of Arkansas, USA. She posted a message on Facebook saying:

Photo accompanying Dr. Neo's post Thank you for the information and photos from Sovanat Avinian's Facebook page.
“Politicians will do anything that doesn’t cross the line. But don’t mess with stability.

Because today there is a political party preoccupied with many security matters.

Support and protect those who violate the rights and freedoms of the institution.

Communicate with separatist groups and dissolve the security services and others.

Seriously, is it going to be a rebel party or not?

A picture of Mr. Ramadan Benjour from the file
At the same time, Mr. Ramadan Benjour, deputy of the list belonging to the Progressive Party, held a press conference on the subject of the proposed law to dissolve the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), and the submission of the draft law to dissolve the Internal Security Operations Command to the House of Representatives. Of the actors. Since last July, it has been one of 5 draft laws to change the state of the Imam Party. The key here is to propose reforms to the national military and security systems. They want the civilian government to be above the army. And trying to keep the army as far away from politics as possible

“The necessary reason for the solution is that ISOC aims to make security a people’s issue. It is not limited to the military institution. It has spread among the people. There is transparency in management. Of all reasons, if there is an organization that is a legacy of the Cold War, and looking at people as a threat like the ISOC The Internet ISOC will make it difficult to resolve disputes. Therefore, I would suggest abolishing it. The party has inspected the ISOC since it became the Future Forward Party, such as news operations It has been found that the efforts made have been undervalued by the ISOC agencies. It is a political act “This makes people who think differently from those agencies a security threat,” Mr. Ramadan said.

As for this issue, Mr. Sita Thavisin, the Prime Minister, came out to express his point of view that the Islamic Internet Society will certainly not be dissolved, and Mr. Ramadan said that this draft law has been interpreted as a draft regarding financing. According to Article 133 of the Thai Constitution, the President must be Ministers approved. For further study in the House of Representatives. So the issue is whether the Prime Minister will agree or not. The matter may not be related to expressing a position of approval of the solution. ISOC or not? It is only an opportunity to follow the parliamentary mechanism. It is believed that there are still many representatives in the coalition government who agree to dissolve the Islamic Internet Society. If the Prime Minister does not agree, he fears that the image of the civilian government will be tarnished.

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