11 Thai workers died in Israel. Ready to return to Thailand Daily news

on November 1 at the duty-free Zonal Office Building. Suvarnabhumi Airport The bodies of Thai workers who died during the war in Israel, Lot 3, arrived in Thailand yesterday (November 1) on Israel Airlines flight LY083 with a total of 11 people departing from Tel Aviv Israel at around 12:40pm. , of these 11, all males: 1. Mr. Chakrapong Chandrasena 2. Mr. Sadawat Biya-Iya 3. Mr. Pitak Tholong 4. Mr. Wuthipat Wisetanvai 5. Mr. Saroon Law 6. Mr. Somkwan Bansa-Art 7. Mr. Parinya Damklang 8. Mr. Nandawat Pinchai 9. Mr. Du Salee 10. Mr. Pancha Tuchayavat 11. Mr. Meechai Rithi result

To transport the bodies of Israel’s war dead to Thailand. Of the 32 deaths reported by the Office of Social Security, there are a total of 26 cases. The Labor Ministry examined the rights of all the 26 deceased workers and found that 21 of them were covered under Section 33, Section 39 and Section 40. The heirs entitled to receive old-age benefits, totaling 469,847 baht, were insured under Section 39. , 1 of whom paid the costs. Funeral expenses, death allowance and old-age allowance, totaling 233,913 baht, and 1 person insured under section 40, funeral expenses and old-age allowance payment, totaling 71,456.57 baht. In total, the Social Security Fund provided 775,216.72 baht in compensation benefits.

Whereas the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Mr. The cabinet resolution stipulates that each mother worker returning from Perot Sotikastian Israel will be paid 50,000 baht. The Ministry of Labor will coordinate with the Budget Bureau to determine the criteria or guidelines for receiving the money. All returning Thai workers are welcome. You can use it in your life after returning to Thailand. There is also money that allows the government to borrow at a low interest rate of 1% on an amount not exceeding 150,000 baht for a loan period of not more than 20 years. This is seen as an incentive for Thai workers to pay. From debt after returning to Thailand. The Ministry of Labor will come up with a plan. The results are expected to be known next week after the Cabinet uses the Union Budget next time. As for the conditions, there will be only one condition: Thai people. Or Thai workers returning from Israel

In regards to the issue of drama on social media, Israel is talking about compensation for inappropriate Thai workers. Because he has not contributed anything to Thailand or may be the government’s next campaign. He thought he didn’t want me to see him there. Because they are Thai laborers who have returned as refugees. So he can use it to regain control of his life. I think there are many people who want to go back to their country. But worry about debt.After this Thai people’s lives are considered more important. And if Thai workers die, who can answer this question? There should be a community questioning how the government provides relief. He feels that the most important thing is to give money in exchange for the safe return of Thai people’s lives.

Negotiate with Israel to bring hostages to Thailand. I don’t want to think about hiring a huge amount. But I want you to look at the security measures. How safe is the bunker or how do employers treat their employees? The most important thing to consider first. In sending Thai workers to work abroad

As for the issue of Thai workers remaining in Israel, the Foreign Ministry will have to wait for clarification. Planning to bring workers to Thailand I want to consider that the lives of Thai people should be safe. If there are not enough flights, I will travel back to Thailand for the Thai workers and bear all the expenses. You can get a refund of the cost of your air ticket at the labor office in the province where you live.

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