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The popularity of traditional auto offerings has waned in recent years, prompting old automakers to rethink their agendas as to when and where to launch new products for the first time. Take, for example, BMW, which just unveiled the M4 CSL at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este and will launch M3 touring Next month at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

The new Coupe Sport Lightweight is coming in just a couple of decades away, so the M4’s tough introduction on the shores of Lake Como in Italy shows the event’s growing popularity. We had the opportunity to photograph the car again and capture the smallest details of the most track-focused BMW since M4 GTS From late 2015.

As with all official images, the M4 CSL was presented to the public in Frozen Brooklyn Gray metallic, an exclusive paint job. Instead, BMW sells the car at Alpine black or white sapphire At no additional cost. Regardless of choice, all 1,000 units planned have the aerodynamic carbon fiber package and red accents.

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It looks properly serious when viewed from the front thanks to its redesigned grille and large wing lip with ailerons proudly bearing the red M4 CSL logo. While the car’s nose will likely cause some controversy because you know what, the integrated rear spoiler should be universally appreciated by those who remember M3 E46 CSL.

Since we’re at the back, we couldn’t help but notice that the taillights look somewhat distinct even on a sunny day. The M4 GTS we mentioned earlier has OLED screens, but BMW decided to do things differently and used optical filaments woven into the glass covers and illuminated using laser technology. This new method gives the taillights more depth and a visual 3D effect that looks even more spectacular at night.

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As usual, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we can all agree that the M4 CSL is shaping up to be a true beast if we’re talking strictly about the performance that BMW promised.

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