Netizens are not amused! The hit drama “Apple – Fluke” creates love content

The hit drama “Apple – Fluke” presents content about love, but the child interrupts it. Netizens commented that children should not participate.

It has become a viral hit in Europe. Where Western creators create funny content in which parents pretend to make love, but their children run in and interrupt it. So I changed the position to a nice corner with my kids instead.

Recently, it was the turn of Thai actor Fluke Jira and his young wife Apple Sisangguian to laugh at popular trends and play some of them. They released a clip while kissing and were about to make love, but the two daughters, “Nong Juni – Nong Juna”, ran over them, so they both turned into a jumping frog and played with the children instead. Along with writing the caption: “When mom and dad go on vacation, we're almost there. And we're about to make it happen.”

But this business has drama. When some Internet users disagreed with this content, there were many complaints, such as the lack of involvement of children in each case, which while the drama came, a torrent of comments warned against publishing the clip. Apple responded by saying: “The children enjoyed running about 5 times. The children loved to play with their parents. But my parents did not tell me what to do. Tell as much as the child should know. Or will someone explain in detail what it is? Think before you explain “The command.” There were still people who commented, saying: “This is not funny.” “I don't care,” Apple replied.

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