A planet TOI-4633 c, similar in size to Neptune, has been found orbiting two stars

Astronomers have discovered a Neptune-sized exoplanet whose temperature may be similar to Earth's. In orbit around two stars

TOI-4633 c A new exoplanet has been discovered using the eclipse or transit method, using data from the TESS space telescope, which observed that starlight in the binary star system TOI-4633 is dimmed by a transiting planet.

The mass of this planet is about 0.387 times the mass of Jupiter. It is a gas planet slightly smaller than Neptune, and its mass is 0.387 times the mass of Jupiter. The orbital period around its star is approximately 272 days, making it one of the exoplanets discovered by the transit method that has a very long orbital period.

With orbital period information, TOI-4633 c has been found to orbit in the habitable zone, where water can be found on the surface of rocky planets. Its temperature may be similar to Earth, but this star has the same mass and size as the other planets. A “mini-Neptune” or gas planet that cannot find a surface for life to live on.

However, astronomers are interested in the possibility that TOI-4633 c has a moon orbiting it. There may be an environment suitable for life to exist, but current technology has not been able to confirm the discovery of moons orbiting exoplanets.

In addition to planets similar in size to Neptune, astronomers have also discovered another potential planet orbiting the binary star system TOI-4633 at a closer distance. But more surveys are still needed to confirm the existence of planet TOI-4633 b.

Further study of the TOI-4633 star system may help astronomers understand the binary star system. The birth and evolution of planets in this type of star system including why its orbit has been stable for billions of years. This may reveal the diversity of star systems. Which may exist everywhere in the universe

picture: Ed Bell for the Simons Foundation

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