NBA Rumors: Warriors interested in 3 potential draft picks for No. 28

If the Warriors didn’t end up trading the 28th pick in the NBA draft, one report claims they’d be interested in these three possibilities.

Male Zach Harper of Athletic V His last column is in Q&A Golden State is open to transfer of choice in order to release guaranteed funds. If they end up keeping the selection, the Warriors are rumored to be interested in Caleb Houstan of Michigan, Christian Brown of Kansas, and EJ Liddell of Ohio.

Defensive champions appear to be open to moving their #28 picks in the draft, and that could be tied to some guaranteed money causing a bigger luxuries tax bill, although there isn’t much difference between the bottom line deal and what’s the choice, Harper wrote. 28 It will be.” “If they decide to keep it, the warriors are believed to be interested in Huzistan or Christian Brown. EJ Liddell would be the dream scenario, but it’s hard to imagine him dropping to No. 28.”

Warriors general manager Bob Myers told reporters on Wednesday he didn’t think the money would Factor in trading beyond choice.

Myers said, “I don’t think money is going to be a factor in whether we trade or keep a pick. It would be if it made sense, so it wouldn’t really be a financial decision. We have about 15, 20 people on the ninth floor who are watching the movie now and they’re getting Draft command and initialization of our board.”

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Houstan, a junior striker, Braun, a shooting guard and Liddell, a powerful striker, each play three different positions, which could indicate that Warriors do not target a particular position and would likely choose the best available player if they found themselves on the board at pick number 28.

No matter who they choose, or if they choose anyone at all, Golden State will still be in great shape with the current core of superstars and A handful of exciting young talents Waiting in the wings.

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