Naz House is robbed as the Mongols celebrate the illness of the Third King

People He was in full party mode over the weekend, and while he was there, some unscrupulous individuals were stealing the rap mogul.

Two men broke into the rapper’s Calabasas estate over the weekend and managed to escape. The alleged incident occurred, around 8:30 p.m. on Saturday. The bandits smashed a back door to get into the house, warning a surveillance camera.

Police confirmed the matter to TMZ.

Ring’s camera captured the entire incident from outside the house. Apparently the rapper team saw the thieves leaving in front of the security camera and called the police. By the time law enforcement reached the house, the men were gone. No one else was home when the men entered the rapper’s house.

At the time of the robbery, Nas was in New York City, celebrating the release of an album the disease of the third king, his last.

It is not clear exactly what the thieves stole, but they ransacked the house, most likely in search of valuables.

Nas is said to be back soon to take inventory of what was stolen and to pass that on to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which is investigating.

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