Nav admires Art Passot so much that he likes older men. Homework is important I’m more than talented.

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Deep in My Heart Since She Was Ten Years Old, Nev Chattanan opens up about her relationship with Art Passot, reveals that she likes older men, and brags about doing her homework. I am more than talented. Plus, I’ve been making a living since I was 15 and I know how to cook. It can help sell crispy pork if he has a girlfriend, I can wait.

Relationships with the muscle hero are monitored “Art Passot” Are they joking with each other? Which that matter “Nav Chattanan” granddaughter “Pat Napa” Replied at KK Diamond & KK’s birthday dinner, “Bachchan, right? I didn’t know he was here. It was a coincidence. When we first saw each other, we were shocked. “We don’t talk to each other behind the house (smile Embarrassing). “There might be a little DM, a little crisis.”

"Nav Chattanan"

What does a foreign trip look like?

As for foreign trips, Nav returns to selling the cream brand. And the brother is an artist presented. “Then we met. In fact, we met when Nav was ten years old. At that time, I thought Art was very handsome. In the future, I must have a friend like Brother Art. Then Rahu moves immediately. I went abroad immediately.” Then I met Brother Fun. How convenient would that be? But seriously, he said in an interview that I don’t want him. Because I’m only 24 and he’s 42. Honestly, I’m not stuck. (smiles shyly) I didn’t think about this at all “Absolutely. I’m telling you, I’m not stuck. I like being 10 years old is just right. And my ex-girlfriend’s name starts with the letter A. (laugh)”

Art said in an interview that if you want to be a friend, you have to be good at your homework?
I am more than talented. Because I have learned everything (smiles) and even though I am young, I have learned everything. Then P’Art gave an interview in which he said that he likes women who earn a living. I’ve been making my living since I was 15 and he likes girls who know how to cook. I know how to cook. Magic at the end of the province

Can you help him fry the crispy pork?
In fact, I help with the process of preparing the pork, putting the pork in place, frying the pork, cutting the pork, helping with the live broadcast, helping with everything. But the only thing that matters is whether he takes me or not.

Has he ever flirted with us?
It must be a matter of the future. He couldn’t speak. It is a matter of the future. I mean we still have to work together.

"Nav Chattanan"

What are the specifications like?
I didn’t focus on appearance, when I was a kid and I was 10 years old, I went to film a drama with Pat and Art. My brother, art is like this. “It’s something I remember. I met her when I was 10 years old. Bart is such a gentleman, so handsome, he should have a friend like this, and I’m so confused. See you again in 14 years. The figure is so beautiful.”

Is it seen as creating a trend?
It did not create a trend. If he has someone to talk to or a girlfriend, I’m not stuck. I can wait (smiles). I can wait. I’m not stuck, because I don’t have anyone. I can wait. I do not know where to rely on sacred things. I was afraid that the house would not accept it. Because I’m a dishonest person, the father is old and afraid of a heart attack, and that’s enough to know. His son is like this. When he went to take care of him, he asked me why he didn’t look at me, and I told him: Your muscles are so big. How should I look at her face? She’s cute.

Relationship with art now?
I don’t want to answer like a star. This was a matter of the future, but he answered harshly that I still had to work with him. I don’t know what the future holds. He may have a girlfriend, but I don’t, I’m single or if someone is watching, if you’re like me, you can flirt. I want to have someone who lives like my big sister, gives me water to drink and worships me before going to bed. I want to have something like this. But you don’t have to respect us. I can praise him. But during this time, I always support crispy pork. Whenever he’s on air I’ll buy it, nowadays, at home, I don’t know they’re at work these days spending money on buying crispy pork. The other day, when I went to watch Kong, I bought all the crispy pork in the store.

"Art Passot"

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