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» Number of tourists Q3 max

sky There is an ICT systems installation business with more than 20,000 million baht of business, but after Covid, the income comes from advance passenger screening (APPS) and PRNs going through airport immigration checkpoints. It is said that service income has a higher percentage of income than system installation work. Q3 inspection revenue increased 71% This is due to the influx of more than 6.4 million tourists to Thailand in the second quarter. while In the last third quarter, there were 7.1 million new tourists in 3 years, and in total, 22 million people entered Thailand in 10 months.The rank at the top of this world is gone

» Stock prices are artificially low.

Moreover The sky is still going He acquired security company SAMCO and acquired 60% of Estro, which owns the travel app Sawasdee It can be said that the company’s business is related to integrated tourism. Evaluation broker Third quarter profit new high Highest level since entering the market and continued to rise in the fourth quarter and continue strongly into 2024. Let the target reach 36 baht The stock price is the lowest in 4 months, and young people believe that the opportunity to accumulate has arrived.

The chart started in pregnancy.

The SKY chart rose from the support line, with the MACD indicator showing a bear curve. The buy signal line is about to break into the low zone. This will cause the stock price to rise broadly. The first resistance is expected to be at 35 baht.

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