Nancy Pelosi lands in Taiwan despite threats from Beijing

82-year-old Nancy Pelosi was welcomed by Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu. The Speaker of the US House of Representatives arrived at Changshan Airport in a US military aircraft.

China sees the trip as a serious provocation that could further strain already strained Sino-US relations. He warned that the US would “take responsibility” for Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan and that they would “pay the price”.

In a statement released shortly after landing on the island, Nancy Pelosi said her visit demonstrated America’s “unconditional support” for Taiwan’s “vibrant democracy.” He added that the US’s long-standing policy on China was “in no way” violated.

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China on Tuesday condemned the US’s “extremely dangerous” approach, shortly after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan, which Beijing considers one of its provinces.

“America […] seeks to use Taiwan to control China,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement. “Taiwan’s actions. These actions are very dangerous, like playing with fire.

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