Nan Province hosts the Thailand Swimming Championships Region V…

Nan Province will host the 2023 Region 5 (Northern Region) Thailand Swimming Championships to develop Thailand’s swimming potential.

October 21, 2023 with a 50 meter swimming pool Nan Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium, Mr. Niwat Ngamthura, Deputy Governor of Nan Province presided over the opening of the 2023 Thailand Region 5 Swimming Championships with General Sirichai Distakul, Vice President of the Thai Swimming Association. Secretary General of the Thai Swimming Federation, Chairman of the Nan Provincial Administrative Organization, President of the Nan Provincial Sports Federation. The opening ceremony of the tournament was attended by heads of government agencies, athletes and families of athletes, attended by Mr. Udom Ai, President of the Northern Swimming Club. State the objectives of organizing this competition.

Swimming Federation of Thailand is consideredTherefore, he was assigned to the Nan Provincial Mathematical Association, Nan Provincial SAT Office. Co-hosting the 2023 Region 5 (Northern Region) Thailand Swimming Championships from 21 to 23 October 2023 at the 50m Pool, Nan Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium.

With the aim of excellence in developmentSwimming athletes in Thailand as an activity among member clubs, Region 5 of the Swimming Federation of Thailand. It is also Thailand’s ranking in each age group in Thailand.Swimmers’ ranking. In order to consider the selection of athletes for participation in international competitions. And the selection of representatives to participate in the 2024 Thailand Swimming Championships, including the selection of athletes to participate in the 2024 Northern Athletes Development Camp project.

Through the competition, the Swimming Federation of Thailand It was implemented in cooperation with the Sports Authority of Thailand office in Nan Province. The Nan County Sports Association and the Northern Swimming Club have opened applications for athletes to participate in the competition. There is a team sending swimmers. 52 teams, including more than 600 athletes, participated in the competition. The competition was divided into 19 events (separate for men and women). The athletes were divided into 5 age groups: Group 1, age 16 years and above / Group 2, age 14-15 years / Group 3 12-13 years / Group 4 10-11 years and Group 5 8-9 years

It is expected that this competition will cause development.The sporting potential of Nan County creates a healthy habit of exercise for people. Including developing the capabilities of sports cadres in the governorate. It can also revitalize the economy and tourism in Nan Province.

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Reporter: Chakravan Chanpinroj

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