Mother Namsha Shiranath returns to the microphone without losing her cool. Be Siranee to your friends.

Beautiful and elegant “shameless mother” like Namcha or Namcha-Chiranat Yusanon, a singer and actress with a beautiful voice under the management of Warner Music Thailand, released a song to make fans miss each other. With the new single “Mascara (Mascara)” It is a sad song full of tears. He was inspired by friends who came to give advice about love, which led him to become a “seer” for friends and a very happy family life. Whenever Nong Talay has a dear heir that completes the family. It became a perfect life but it made him change his entire lifestyle.

Before talking about the song “Mascara (Mascara)”, the tea lady visits Malai Thirat to show off her beautiful and sexy figure. When the girls saw the “mother’s body” together, they were completely distraught! I agree with my commitment to staying fit so I can become a size S girl with beautiful fashions. From luxury and expensive brands including Vatanika (red dress), Vickteerut (black dress) and Meli.melo.official (white dress). Designer: S.spritenarakza, Assistant Designer: P Warisa Phunuch and Photographer: Surakit Kaewmorakot

Tea then tells the story of the origins of the single mascara that piques everyone’s curiosity.Why does it have to be “mascara”? “None of the lyrics use the word mascara. But because it’s mascara as well as a heartbreak song it’s something symbolic that conveys the feeling of heartbreak. Think of a woman crying with mascara all over her face. It’s a heartbreak song. You can quit smoking but you can’t quit smoking. Cha got the idea from Friends. Because friends like to discuss love problems a lot. I really love this person, but it’s impossible. Now Tea has a warm family but comes to sing sad songs like this. Are you afraid that people will misunderstand? “When I was a child or a teenager, when I was in love, I had this feeling every time I broke up, it was like I couldn’t break up, I really couldn’t break up. When we write a song, we have to be in tune with the story. How to Capturing similar experiences of communication carries over into songs and more photography.”

In addition to the strange singing voice, she became a witch again. Namcha also played the music video for “Inner” to over a hundred people, and listeners were thrilled. “So in the song, some people even secretly wiped their tears.” Yes, Cha played the music video herself. I also got to wear a graduation gown. It’s like a 19-20 year old kid looking back in time when he gets dressed and looks in the mirror. “Do you think in your heart you can handle this? I’m already 35 years old. When I go back to wearing my student uniform, it’s okay, right?” “I feel young again (laughs).” In addition to the appearance of a short haircut, it makes your face look younger. “Try to take really good care of yourself.”

I’ve seen postpartum changes in terms of taking care of myself and taking exercise more seriously. “Before you decide to have children, Cha is very afraid of being fat. Afraid of change as Cha has ever seen. Everyone has children and everything falls. I couldn’t feel numb. We should be the opposite. Before pregnancy, start exercising even when She was pregnant and was still running. Running non-stop, exercising, doing pilates, controlling my diet more because now it’s not the same. When I was a kid, I didn’t get fat when I ate anything. But now, when I eat something “I wake up and feel like there is more meat. It’s caused by fear.” As far as looking at the lifestyle on IG he practices tea hard. “Actually 3 days a week, but I was doing it regularly. I had been doing it for almost 3 years, except for the week of giving birth at sea until the doctor told me to stop exercising for one month, so I stopped because otherwise the wound would rupture.” (He laughs). After one month, exercise tea because we are already addicted to exercise.”

Now that you can see me for your friends, how do you feel? “I felt like I was seeing them in their teenage years. But we’re past the teenage stage, but our friends aren’t yet. That is, Tea’s life has changed a lot. Not so much after marriage. But after having children, everything changed. It’s as if he’s grown up a lot.” Everything. In the past, it was about not caring, not caring, childish feeling of obvious feelings. Who is positive comes with positive if we are not mistaken. If you find a problem with us first, when you were a child, this feeling when you grow up, it will become lighter Gradually, and gradually changing, becoming calmer. Now it is up to you to let go of anything that is not right. Cha loves your child (Nong Talay) in every aspect of him. I want an elegant child. But the child is not an elegant child. It’s okay, it’s okay, he’s reaching He is just over a year old and is constantly changing. “He is now a naughty and boisterous baby. “When we see him doing something, we are all happy.” How fascinated do you think you are with your child? “I’m so lost. I sit and look at my child’s face every day. People are raving, sitting and watching, playing with their feet here and there. Every part of the body smells fragrant. I love you so much, and I love you more.

I like this figure. Does tea make him think about having another child? “I’m not sure yet. I admit to having a conversation with my husband. (Dr. F. Dilkalat Pipat) What should I do?” Because I had to secretly make a quick decision because Cha is now 35 years old. Tell the woman that 35 is a risk. There were a lot of flaws, so I had to think carefully. i don’t know yet. I ask myself. I want to work because I love working so much. I have never been idle or worked since I was a child. It should be called tea. I am a person who faces all kinds of “drama” and heavy news. But I managed it every time. So we have to ask directly what makes us able to deal with different dramas. “Letting go is just that. Get rid of everything we don’t understand, get rid of everything we can’t control. People who don’t love us can’t be controlled. Or people who make certain decisions that cause us pain. We can’t control it. Once we accept that feeling For a moment, we let it go, and the sooner we get rid of it, the better for our lives until we can move on from it. Something happens suddenly and we stand still and then move on to do something else that makes us happy. It comes and goes, like a salmon that is constantly swimming against the current. It is this feeling, “Continuously swimming against the current. Then one day the oil subsided itself. The focus now is on the baby, number one.”

Let’s just say that tea is very invigorating. Especially working hard, work is like a person who is hungry for money and does not know how. “There are only people who say (laughs) Cha says you can think like this. Now that we have the strength to do it, let’s do it first. Once I get older, I don’t have the energy to do anything anymore. Cha is happy to work She also said that she is a person who cannot stop working. Every baht is valuable. Seeing Cha working like this, but Cha has a lot of time to spend with her children. Working while taking care of your child. Cha will study with her child every time she goes. There was no A time when we couldn’t handle it. The child’s schedule comes first. However, we have very important work. In fact, I may have to go to work before I get back to see my kids. When asked that when Namcha does a lot of work like this my husband asked me to stop and stop. “Not at all (laughs). There’s no such angle. He’s a quiet person who wants to do what he wants to do. The thing we’ll be together for is letting the tea do the work.”

Sweetness these days Are you still as sweet as you were in love? “Same as before. But our couple has always been like this from the beginning. There is nothing shocking. This is what we want. This is a very good thing. Always have a simple meal on your birthday. You don’t need anything. Don’t let it be too much. It’s “It all passed. At the end of happy hour, I had to wear a shirt. Pants at home. Living with people at home. That’s the end.”

Designer: S.spritenarakza
Assistant designer: Bawarisa Funush
Photographer: Surakit Kayumorakot

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