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Murder at a school in Uvalde: The police chief in charge of operations has been suspended

Since the assassination, police in the Wolde school district have come under fire. The district superintendent announced Wednesday that its chief executive, Pete Arradonto, had been suspended after the May 24 shooting killed 19 children and two teachers.

“From the beginning of this horrific event, I have maintained that the district will wait until the (…) trial is over before making personal decisions. Due to the ambiguity and not knowing when I will receive the results of the investigation, I have decided to put Chief (Pete) Arredonto on the first administrative leave today. Report.

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Criticisms of the time it took the police to enter the classroom

The announcement comes a day after a string of harsh criticisms of police action over the assassination of Steven McGrath, director of the Texas Department of Public Security. He particularly slammed the fact that Pete Arrotondo has decided to “put the lives of agents above the lives of children”.

“We know one thing: law enforcement’s response to the attack on Rob Elementary School was a complete failure and there is conclusive evidence that it’s contrary to everything we’ve learned in the two decades since the Columbine massacre in high school in 1999,” he said.

A voice in Switzerland: Jean-Luc Ador: “We should not use Wolde’s play”

The time it took police to kill an 18-year-old gunman who entered the classroom – more than an hour – has been the subject of intense criticism since the murder, and Steven McGrath drove the point during this televised investigation. “Officers had weapons, not children. Officers had bulletproof vests and no children. Agents were trained, not snipers, ”he added.

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Wolde Mayer announced on Tuesday that Rob Elementary School would be “demolished”. “You can never ask a child or teacher to come back to this school,” said Dan McLaughlin.

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