‘Moving Forward’ with ‘New Generation’

It is not intended to destroy, but to weaken and disintegrate the country. With the goal of dividing the land, breaking the bound crown, they opened the door for foreigners to come and dominate, and they did.

For example, proposing to write a new constitution. Change can separate from the indivisible Kingdom of Thailand

Section 112 of the Penal Code protects the rights and liberties of the King and the Royal Family. Don’t let anyone hurt or defame you, there are laws to protect the general public too.

Progressives probably think it’s cool, and the new generation should hate the nation and the institution. Make yourself an enemy and “hate – hate” the king and the royal family.

All day, doing nothing but obsessing over sex. It only aims to remove Article 112 in a life or death way.

The same is the case with the separatist movement in the 3 southern provinces of the Kao Khlai Party.

As you enter the House of Representatives, hot red curry rice pours over your head. Without realizing it, Kun used the council to protect his head and strength from Liang’s red rice and hot curry.

Be humble….

To dissolve ISOC, to rise to “open the first door”, to abolish SPP, to reach the second and third doors of “Territory”, cutting off the land to rule among themselves!

This is not the definition of “new generation”.

The “new generation” must strengthen, expand, continue – maintain and build from the original foundation.

The type that believes in “destroy – destroy”, dig up the roots – pull up the roots of their own country. Then he put his head between the legs of another country – another city. Let him rub your head like a dog. Throw away the plastic bones. It is not “new generation”.

But it is a “new generation of beasts” in the body of a man with no sense of nationalism, merit or merit, only ingratitude, without morals – without morals, without shame.

So you can do everything. You can even “animalize” in the middle of nowhere without any embarrassment!

I say because I’m so grumpy I can’t pull it off!

Come to think of it, it’s already been a month. I have to endure a lot of face-plowing. We will soon get rid of the issue of sexual harassment of MPs from the Progressive Party.

But it seems like social media people are very famous for things like this.

Both MPs have released stories as the party as a whole has moved on. “Move Forward – White Collar” competes with drama “Prom Destiny” in the same way episode by episode competes every day.

The film “Sappaya Sabasathan” comes close to using the term “brothel” interchangeably. From the role of a progressive person

I think……..

Better to “split the party” and join another party. Be “higher” at one party, “closer to sex” at another.

The Progressive Party has the duties of “law” in the MP Parliament engaged in the duties and dividing the nation and dividing the land.

Sex, sex, pickled drugs – drunk and intoxicated area. My story…I’ll give it to anyone in “Moving for Branch 2”.

Is it good? If it is good then consult with “Her Royal Highness Vice President” or invite her as the head of the branch party.


“Drip flowers – flowers” from sexual harassment are “modern men engaged in receiving money from the garbage factory”. Did you see it?

Heard: It has been 4-5 months since 4 years ago. Nowadays the party, people in the party, apart from seditious slanders, the nation is divided and the establishment has collapsed.

What legislative work has been done in Parliament that has contributed to the nation and the people with the vision of a new generation to “move forward”?

I want to be in power. Blind people are not afraid of tigers, they choose to be. But it can’t.

I want to be the Leader of the Opposition in the House. I have never been so far. And it cannot be.

It goes into the textbook, “Communicate with children to build a house. “Communicate with bald heads to build a city” literally destroys everything – every system.

But it will not be like this if it is really a “new generation” according to its meaning. The new generation must have a vision. He saw the top of a big tree

With a glance he immediately looked deep and far, “

“Because of its large roots, this tree is stable.”

Therefore, the tree will continue to grow, protecting the foundational “root”!

It is not “digging up the roots” or cutting down the tree. A large number of fruits should be collected from the top and eaten in one day.

Humans are different from animals.

Animals have only one “thought”.

But people have both the ability to distinguish between right, right, wrong and good in thought and action.

That is, “discretion in thought and thought” is the “new generation”.

The “new generation” is an evolution from the animal state to a “man”, i.e. with a mind to train and become noble.

As for those who have only “thoughts”, they cannot distinguish between wrong, right, bad and good in their thoughts and actions.

It’s.. not a “new generation”, just a human form. But he is not a man, he calls him “Manussattirachano”, meaning a man.

Not fully human yet….

Because the heart is not trained to be good. So it can only be the “beast” MP in human form!

Understand clearly……….

The definition of “new generation” does not look at gender, age or age.

But look at the thoughts and actions, if you think like an animal, act like an animal, that is an animal, that is, an old version that has not evolved at all.

If there is an idea, it will evolve beyond animals. Know merit – know thyself honest-grateful virtue know – know sin

If you want to see beautiful trees you have to grow roots. This is the new generation.

“Moving forward” uses this definition as a thermometer. All party members are watching. Who is the new generation? Calling humans

Which is the older generation? Still in position “Beast Man”

If there is a difference, the next election will come. If more people of good will choose to join Parliament, that will be the government we want.

For example, is “Lieutenant General Bongsakorn Rodsombu”, the former leader of Future Forward – Forward, considered “new generation” or “old generation”? Please help consider this.

Chairman of State Security Commission “Mr. Rangsiman Rom” Thailand Border Affairs National Strategy and National Reform House of Representatives

He appointed Lt. Gen. Phongsakorn as adviser to the group.

Lt Gen Phongsakorn commented on ISOC disbandment

“The Homeland Security (US Department of Homeland Security) model should be used instead of the current ISOC.”

That brother “Yul Brynner” offered to take Bertine from America. Come make shoes for Thai people to wear right away!

Let me ask you a question: How many feet does America have?

So in Thailand, how many feet do we have?

Aren’t you a former Army “Lieutenant General”? Don’t you know that?

Establishment of “US Department of Homeland Security” and ISOC of Thailand.

“Tasks – Goals – Objectives” are two worlds apart!

“His job is to invade other countries whose “homeland security” is unwilling to compromise America’s security.” That’s his defense.

But is the “internal security” of our country and our nation the US model?

So will Sa-aeng use America’s Homeland Security as a model and adjust our ISOC to emulate him?

The problem is different. Issues and sentiments His style is America’s world leader.

But we use the people and things we have. Adjust and mix condition to support special tasks in each design.

To maintain internal stability, to protect “Nation-Religion-King”, to remove suffering and to preserve the happiness of the people in times of danger.

It is not intended to invade or wage war with anyone.

This was a direct mission of his army, not an ISOC mission.

Pak “Kao Kao” also claims that ISOC is a copycat agency. It’s a state upon state. But Phongsakorn proposed to fix it according to the US Department of the Interior model.

From the administrative division to the ministry like this, not just a state within a state, but “Thailand penetrating into other countries, America’s branch 2”!?

If you make a fuss you will copy him. The constitution will cut your shoes after him without looking at your own feet. Until he walked with a limp for over a hundred years. Still no conscience.

It is going to use the ISOC US domestic sector as a model.

Let’s go ahead and draft a law to present in Parliament. Thailand can apply as the 51st US state. How about letting that be the end of the story – the end of the story?

A thing is not a thing. Make it a story

Little things make big things.

It is about evil. Don’t want to make it fashionable?

The hair doesn’t grow back, so it’s a “new model”.

But “brain cells” do not grow, they are “old version”. Stay with me for now!

The person at the end of the alley

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