Mont-Blanc Massif – Premiere in Les Joras: “This is the pinnacle of trekking”


A French climber was able to climb the northern face of the Grandes Zoras in the winter and alone. Until then, no such boom had ever been made under such conditions.

A view of the Grandes Joras (center) in the Mont-Blanc Massif.

AFP / Photo d’archives

The French mountaineer Charles Tupolos has set an unprecedented record in mountaineering. I.e. six days and five nights minus thirty degrees.

The climber, who set sail for the Chamonix (Haute-Savoie, France) on Thursday, climbed 1100 meters along the Rolling Stones trail to the summit of Grantz Jorஸ்s (4208 m), known for its dry and rough rocks, the summer and winter of 1979 by none other than the Slovak mountaineers. . “It’s hiking, going alone and more in the winter. I’m touching a dream,” AFP Dubouloz said, joining us early Wednesday morning after landing within a day on the southern face.

“When I came upstairs, I cried a lot, I lay down. I felt a great sense of accomplishment. It’s incredible to own difficult tracks. It’s an extra dimension. Then “the most experienced”.

“The air is completely frozen”

Dupolos had to face an icy wind, blowing a lot at night, and he tried to sleep in a makeshift suit, sometimes hanging from a pole. “The air is completely frozen. I have damaged fingers and hands, icy toes and even a black toe.

This is the second solo and winter record for young alpine climbers who completed the northern face of the Pettitz truss in the Mont-Blanc Massif a year ago. Last October, he opened a new route with Benjamin Vetraines in the northern part of Samlang (7319 meters, Nepal).

His ascent to the legendary face of Grantus Zorasus was done by means of pittons, jammers and strips (small ladders) called “artificial”. In the winter, only four climbs by the Rolling Stones have been won so far, all of which were doubles.


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