Ministry of Public Health Opens Care D+ to Build Workforce to Communicate Positively | Daily News

On November 11, the director of the College of Public Health Executives, Dr. The Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, referring to the teaching curriculum for the program called Public and Community Communication or Care D+, said the program has been in operation since 1991 when Dr. Nuansakul Phamrungpong, adviser to the Minister of Public Health, served as director of the bureau. Information In the past we have taken steps to improve public relations with patients and relatives over time. Read both conveniently online In specific areas onsite mainly, we raise the level according to the problems encountered. When there are complaints, how do you communicate to ensure understanding? No More Conflicts There will be a total of 7 subjects including end of life care.

This course is developed in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University. At present, there are 10,550 registered liaison officers from hospitals under the Ministry at all levels. If affiliated hospitals are interested in sending additional staff, they may contact their respective health department. By December 29, hospitals under the ministry will have the first batch of 1,000 trained personnel. After that, by April 30, 2024, there will be another 10,000. After that, until the project ends in June 2024, they will be recruited and trained, and will evaluate and consider how to expand the project. Have the knowledge, understanding and skills to carry out a test that has decreased complaints? Check customer satisfaction, etc.

“Actually, our staff already have the skills. We will also organize an on-site team for upskilling and reskilling and training in some hospitals. Or if you have already trained the frontline staff working here and you have any questions, the system has a line OA for inquiries. We always have an administrator to answer. will be prepared. Importantly, the course also recommends listening. Listening comprehension for proper communication,” said Dr. Sudkanung.

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