Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces receipt of report 12 Thais dead, 11 abducted in Israel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces receipt of reports that 12 Thais died, 2 confirmed by Israeli authorities, and 10 received information from their employers.

(8 Oct. 2023) Mr. Bhumdham Vechai, Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister chaired the emergency situation center meeting from the state of unrest in Israel, Dr. Lertsuriatet of bromine. Prime Minister’s Secretary and Mr. Chakrapong Changmani, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Security Council, Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Ministry of Defense, Air Force participated and the ambassador in Tel Aviv participated in the online meeting to brief the latest situation.

Various activities were discussed in the meeting. The government will closely monitor developments, including the readiness of Thai agencies to assist and evacuate Thai people in necessary situations. Consideration of various diplomatic channels for evacuation preparation including compensation for affected relatives including taking care of Thai people in the area. Continue to help the Thai people who are being held hostage.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Summary of outcomes of the Rapid Response Center (RRC) meeting on the current violent situation in the Middle East by Chakrapong Changmani:

1. Thailand remains neutral regarding the conflicts that arise. He urged the two sides to negotiate and find a sustainable and peaceful joint solution by supporting the two-state solution that exists side by side.

Thailand strongly condemned the violence. Without mentioning any particular group.

2. About 30,000 Thais live in Israel, most of whom are agricultural workers.

A total of 12 Thais were reported dead, 2 confirmed by Israeli authorities. The remaining 10 were reported by their employers. Still unnamed and awaiting verification by Israeli authorities.

Also, eight people were injured, two critically, and 11 were kidnapped.

3. The meeting focused on preparing all concerned agencies. This could be done in due course, when the situation permits and it becomes necessary to evacuate the Thai people from Israel.

At the same time, the Thai embassy in Israel is considering the need to evacuate people from Israel. The Israeli government is fully committed to ensuring the safety of foreigners.

4. The meeting agreed to proceed in accordance with the following guidelines:

(1) Evacuate Thai people from affected areas to safer areas.

(2) Seeking friendly countries for Thais to migrate to

(3) The Air Force is ready to evacuate Thai people within 24 hours. Return to Thailand will be on a voluntary basis by Thai people.

5. It is assigned to the Royal Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur for coordination regarding the detention of Thai nationals. Coordinate with the Palestinian representative in Kuala Lumpur to express concern and seek sympathy for the release of the kidnapped Thai people. Innocent and not related to the situation in any way

6. The Department of Consular Affairs contacted the relatives of the hostages. Willing to encourage and help

7. Daily RRC meetings are held every day at the Ministry of External Affairs. Improve conditions for providing assistance to Thai people from October 9, 2023.

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