Mid-term elections: Trump vows to make ‘huge announcement’ as Biden calls to ‘stand up for democracy’

Americans are gearing up to vote Tuesday in midterm elections crucial to the future of Joe Biden and Donald Trump. They are called to renew the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. At stake are a whole series of local elected positions that decide their state’s policies on abortion or environmental regulation.

A sign of Americans’ eagerness for this election: More than 43 million of them had already cast their ballots in anticipation or by mail as of Monday evening.

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Campaigning for this number of ballots collected in the name of by-elections will last until the last few hours of the second round appearance of the 2020 contest. A clash of meetings between the current and former president ends the campaign. starkly exposed the divisions of the world’s leading powers

In Ohio, the billionaire promises a “very big announcement.”

The former US president promised a “very big announcement” at his Mar-a-Lago, Florida home next week during a campaign rally in Ohio on Monday evening. Until the last moment, Donald Trump was skeptical about the possible nomination announced on Monday evening. But he assured that he did not want to steal the show from the candidates he dubbed.

Faced with waves of red hats, the 76-year-old painted a much darker picture of America under former President Joe Biden. A country where rising prices “strangle homes”, “violent crime is out of control” and the far left “indoctrinates our children”.

“There is only one solution to put an end to this madness,” pleaded the American billionaire. “To end the destruction of our country and save the American dream, vote Republican tomorrow.”

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Joe Biden called for “protecting democracy at risk.”

Donald Trump’s meeting directly rivaled Joe Biden’s, held moments earlier at the historically black University of Maryland in the Washington suburbs, during which the president urged Americans to “protect democracy.”

“We know our democracy is at stake,” the 79-year-old Democratic leader vowed, as Republican candidates threaten to run in potential defeat in these elections. “We’ll be there. Power in America is where it’s always been: in your hands, in the hands of the people.

So, the Democratic camp tried to the end to portray the Republican Party as a threat to social achievements like democracy and abortion rights, beyond these economic matters. It remains to be seen whether this will have the desired effect. Or when former President Bill Clinton’s adviser’s well-known claim is re-verified, namely in the polls, it’s always “the economy” (“It’s the economy, stupid”).

After his meeting, the president reiterated that he was “confident” about the outcome of the vote. However, he admitted that keeping control of the council was “difficult”.

A vote to occupy the White House

To be sure, midterm elections are held in a handful of key states — the same states that were already at stake in the 2020 presidential election. All spotlights are on Pennsylvania and Georgia.

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Organized two years after the 2020 presidential election, the midterm elections are a referendum on the occupant of the White House. A president’s party rarely survives a confirmation vote. Faced with the effectiveness of a Republican campaign focused on inflation, Joe Biden has struggled to tout his purchasing power reforms, which will only be realized in years.

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Republicans hope to capture not only the House of Representatives, but also Joe Biden’s slim control of the powerful Senate. Losing control of both houses of Congress would have dire consequences for the Democrat, who has so far said she wants to run again in 2024, foreshadowing a remake of the 2020 fight.

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