MCA is confident that the first day of trading will be lively. Post the line to the distributor – stock dimensions

Miti Stock – Mr. Phakdee Lao-ngam, CEO of Market Connections Asia Public Company Limited “MCA” revealed that the company is confident of its listing on the Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) (October 26, 2023) and considers it an important step to open opportunities to expand the business to create growth Futurist. You will get good response from investors. Today there will be a 5% Big Lot program for two groups of investors, “Rattanan Vilailak” and “Nalini Jamwutpreecha” at a price of at least the IPO price of 3.30 baht because investors see an opportunity.

Entrepreneur in comprehensive services marketing

In addition, the company has a clear business model to become a leader in comprehensive service marketing that answers all marketing activities of customer groups in every dimension. Recently, the company has expanded into new business operations.
To become a product distributor (distributor) hopes to add value to the new S-curve so that the company grows sustainably in the future.

“The broker set the target at 5.10 baht.

Profits grow strongly by 119%.”

Dao Securities (Thailand) offers a reasonable price for MCA at 5.10 baht per share and is a provider of integrated marketing activities. There is an expansion in the distributor business, which will have new upside opportunities, leading to a normalized profit forecast in 2023 of 36 million baht, an increase of 119%, while total annual income amounts to 499 million baht (+34% year-on-year) with Accumulation of 96% guaranteed revenue and regular profit in 2024 of 59 million baht, up 62%

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