Apple has released the iOS 17.1 update, which comes with many expected features! :PPTVHD36

Apple has opened the door for users to update to iOS 17.1 after the iPhone in France exceeded the permissible limit. Ready to be updated with many new features that are not just bug fixes!

After unofficial statements from several media outlets regarding Apple’s iOS 17.1 update, it is said to be an update to fix an issue with iPhones in France. Releasing electrical waves that exceed the standards set by Europe. At the same time, it is also expected that in addition to solving the electrical wave problem, there may be some features that will be prepared for additional updates. After the iOS 17 update on September 18.

Recently, on the morning of October 26 at around 12:20 AM, Apple released the iOS 17.1 update.

I invite you to take a look at the features and this is expected to come in the iOS 17.1 update and the update is expected to be released tonight!

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Apple states that iOS 17.1 will focus on software fixes to emit fewer electrical impulses. Including fixing many bugs and adding many features as expected, such as AirDrop online This makes it possible to send files via AirDrop even when you are out of range. Simply connect to the Internet or Wi-Fi. Set the standby screen off timer to choose when your device’s screen turns off when it enters standby mode after a period of time. Including all other expected features.

However, Apple mentioned in the update description that some features may not be available in all regions. Which can be viewed on Apple’s website

For those who want to update to iOS 17.1, you can update like a regular iOS update by going to Settings > General > Software Update > You can click to update iOS 17.1.

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