Matt Eberflus hints at offensive changes in Bears-Texans

Matt Eberfluss Not an overly emotional man. Tends to maintain a fair approach on the field. However, it was clear after Chicago BearsDefeat at Green Bay that he was not happy. A lot of things went wrong in that game. Obviously, the defensive intervention angered him. As for attacking, scoring just 10 points and passing for 70 yards wasn’t ideal. The only failure that rattled the nerves of Ebervellus is not what many think.

During his appearance on Show trainers bears, the head coach noted that the primary failure at Green Bay was not to make players with higher-ups a more involved skill. Darnell Mooney has two pieces for four yards in two games. Cole Kumit has absolutely no gripes. it’s a problem. Bears can’t hope to win if they can’t get their hands on their talented weapons. Looks like that will be the primary focus of Sunday’s Houston game.

Matt Ebervloss and Luke Jetsie are likely looking for an easy finish.

Look for ways to get the ball into Mooney and Kut’s hands. This can be done in a number of ways, from diagonal to quick curls to curls and snags. Get some comps so they can create a beat with Justin Fields. This should be made easier by playing it. Houston’s running defense is horrific. David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert should have some success on the ground. If they can give Fields some fake play, Mooney and Kmet will have excellent chances of hitting the big plays.

It’s at least good to hear Matt Eberfels admit the problem. He did not give any general answers. He openly admitted that these two should get the ball more. He appears to be intent on doing so on Sunday. Texans may be helpful. They have proven to be vulnerable to profound speed. He loves the fields to throw the playing field. If his protection stopped, he might eventually set himself on the right track.

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