Matoum warns PK after introducing the girl if you are worried, if he is not strong, do not find someone to represent you.

It's another person nearby PK Piawat Kimvit to Matum Chen Because we have to organize programs together all the time. He knew about his close brother's relationship at almost every moment.

I recently met Pyle. In this event, I would like to give an update on my closest brother's latest love story after the other party introduced his new lover. Merian Sudecha Axelgaard This was revealed by Matoum

Boom is probably the first line of defense. From the announcement of the divorce until the launch, live every moment because we do programs together in the morning. Ask how worried you are about him. With it happening just a little bit. Actually, I'm not really worried. P'PK has really grown up. Maybe what he did was well thought out. So I just sent encouragement. But you better worry about his family.

In fact, Dada warned me a lot (laughs). Because Tom himself is not a perfect child. Just sending encouragement but to warn you don't dare. I'm just more worried about what worries me the most. It's something everyone can see. Maybe he was worried about his mental state. About dating more people

There's more encouragement in the biting way (laughs) because of people like P'PK. If you speak quietly if you speak normally, he will not listen. I have to tell him to wake up a little, brother. He woke up around this time, so I told him that his mental state was not strong yet. Don't look for someone to replace you yet. This means that Tom told him more directly. But we will confront that, brother… Every human being is born alone.

The last time we met was last week. I mean, I already warned you. But what we got was a story with a shirt (laughs). So we don't know actually, Tom and Bda have discussions with each other all the time. Because most of the time, Tom will be giving warnings through the PDA. Because they grew up together but Tom is a younger generation. Having only been in the building for less than 10 years, Tom didn't dare tell him that the matter was actually his personal matter. It's just a personal matter that he shares with everyone, so he makes us not dare to express our opinions too much. But personally, I want him to be aware every moment of his life.

Well…what does everyone think? Tom thinks like everyone else. Boom felt like it was a bit fast. But if that happens, yeah I mean Tom thinks that with every breakup, everyone gets hurt, and now everyone wants to move on and move on. Therefore, each person's movement is different. Some people suddenly become single. Keep living alone, have one life, but some people just quit. There should be someone new right away. Because I can't be alone. That is, we must accept that each person's psychological state is not the same. Therefore, Tom cannot judge. Why are you in a hurry? Why don't you stay with yourself? Because maybe he tried to live with himself and couldn't.

Actually, that's what shocked me. They made their first appearance on Tuesday night. Then he came on Wednesday to host the show. So let's come together. What should I do next? He's usually nice…this isn't a drama. He didn't walk like me (laughs). Then he raised his hands in greeting. Greet each other normally but I haven't commented yet. Because he did not ask for our opinion. He just brought me an introduction. I didn't say what it was like.

We don't dare to tease. Because they both look strong. This means that his debut is strong, but in reality the hyungs have known each other for a long time. He told Tom that they had known each other for a long time. But Tom doesn't know. how did that happen? How we met and the details surprise everyone. Tom was surprised along with everyone.

Well, we've never been with P'PK before (laughs). We don't know how he is with his girlfriend. But from touch P'PK is a nice person, he takes care of his girlfriend and his friend. Pay anything you want, I'll give it to you. This is more appreciated than I noticed.

Oh, boom, you better cheer for me. Whoever is happy, we are happy (laughs). I'm sweating and I'm afraid my brothers are watching, meaning Tom doesn't have any problems. That means I have to tell you first if P'PK is watching. Tom has no problems in his married life at all. Because people warn us about death, no matter how we stop it, if it is to end, it will take it. But P'PK may grow from its mistakes. Let him learn. But if it happens now, he is happy. The people around him be a positive force for him and let him move forward. It's a fun thing and I would encourage you. As a younger brother and fellow human being

In fact, we talked more behind the microphone than in front of it. What you see is a very small part. One of the things we talked about back home because we talked a lot in the back of the house. If you see Dada in what kind of media? The back of the house plus one more. That is, when P'Da reprimands P'PK or teaches. Tom is a really sharp-tongued person. Tum listens to P'Da and Tum still has to say, Mom, calm down because P'Da can get P'PK's life back. He said, “I've seen it with all my friends.” He can talk

P'PK is very stubborn and doesn't listen much. This is not a reason consistent with our logic. Hence this is none of our business. We went to teach him and warn him a lot. When he's stubborn, we won't dare anymore. If it had been P'Da's education alone, he would have argued. But if he also comes, he must be quiet. Because he crowds (laughs), every comment, whether positive or negative, on social media. We have brought everything to learn and inform P'PK. Because we know he didn't read it. We'll say, hey…people look at it that way. Why not try something like this? Most comments are positive. Add in the form. Positive like coming in (laughs)

And there are a lot of them. Most of them are about interrelationships. It's more about dating people. Tom is concerned that we do not understand all of P'PK's thoughts and readings. Because he also came from a country outside Muang Na. But we also come from abroad. We think that people coming from abroad may be impulsive or not, but in our country there is still a word of social etiquette. There is also the word ethics. So it may make it less in line with the current trend.

Well, P'PK once asked Tom in the middle of a live show. So when you toured how did you manage to pass? Tom gave the most honest answer. It means if we do something wrong, if a society rises up, it will warn us. It means we are wrong if you do something wrong, the first is not to look at anyone. Can you see me properly? Let's look at ourselves first. That we can improve and change How can we make ourselves a little better? Tom will tell P'PK that comments and criticisms are good comments. Even if he scolds us because it shows that he wants to see us develop into good people in society. Look at it from a positive angle. But it all depends on how he sees it. But on a personal level, Tom believes that feedback can help us grow in a good way. If we open our minds and do not leave the cup half full.

You can use this word. Tom dares to say so. Boom, my mouth is wet, my mouth is so wet. He says don't post yet, don't rush, don't tell me where you're going. No need to update. Because people are watching you every moment. But P'PK will want to live his lifestyle the way he lives. He designed his own life. So then in the end it must come to sin. It's based on merit (laughs) (Or he's someone who likes to explain things. Do you want people to understand?) No, not this guy. From what Tom could sense P'PK would be someone who didn't care much about people who didn't know him. He only takes people he knows. It's more like this.

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