Marissa looks wilder in her new gameplay revealed in Street Fighter 6

It looks like Capcom plans to show off more gameplay for the recently revealed Street Fighter 6 characters almost every evening at the moment, considering we’ve already seen additional glimpses in DJ And the Manon.

This time around, Capcom just shared new footage of Marissa in action, which doesn’t hold back from the brutality at all.

As previously assumed, Capcom confirms that Marissa can hack an opponent’s Drive Impact by charging up some of her special moves, but more than that, the new gameplay shows that she’ll gain shields as Gladius’ giant punch charges her as well.

They also feature the Overdrive version of another special which is a powerful jumping over the head punch that puts the opponent into a tailspin though the ride doesn’t stop there.

She is then immediately confirmed to have access to an OTG Super Art, presumably her Level 2, which picks Manon off the ground before slamming her hard again.

You can get a closer look at Marissa’s fist meeting Manon’s face in the new Street Fighter 6 screenshot below.

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