Make way to insure 112 cases, lock 'Thaksin', don't escape, make him follow the secret agreement.

“Deep Secret Message” Published by SONDHI APP Application. TV station NEWS1 YouTube channel Message 1 and a Facebook fan page Message 1 The Management Team Wednesday, June 19, 2024, opening chapter by Politics and Justice News Editor Nobarat Bruanczuk112 Case Insurance prevents 'Thaksin' from escaping, forces him to follow secret deals

Thailand finally passed the 18th of June gracefully. In the matter of electing senators, for example, it was not as disastrous a day as the well-informed had predicted. After the Constitutional Court ruled that the 2018 Organic Law on the Acquisition of Senators was not unconstitutional or inconsistent, or the Cave Branch Party Dissolution Case and Prime Minister Mr. Seth Tavis's case, there are some additional issues for the Constitutional Court to consider. It can be said that everything went smoothly according to the mechanisms of law.

Initially there were rumors that the former prime minister would flee abroad in the case of 'Thaksin Shinawatra' for offenses under Section 112 of the Penal Code. Because there is a possibility that it will not be insured. Finally, it was time for the meeting. It turned out that Thaksin also traveled by himself. Not being in a wheelchair, wearing a cast and being a theatrical object. This was as expected after he was released on bail to fight the case out of court. Their passports were also confiscated

Thaksin's bail seems to be the party most in trouble than the Liberal Progressive Party. Because it is seen as not following the same standard. If we consider the facts and activists call for reforming the monarchy the same blame will be laid but if you are not too biased based on the facts combined with the surrounding circumstances, you will see that there are some differences.

Especially the behavior of activists, most of whom have committed repeated crimes. This is different from Thaksin who was prosecuted as such. There aren't many rules of conduct that lead to repeating mistakes.

This is why Thaksin got a chance to get out on bail. As regards the judgment of the case, it has to be considered on the basis of the evidence.

However, one aspect of Thaksin's release on bail has significant political implications. If you can do it, whether it's the approach of a non-bailable lawyer or not, you can do it. But the most interesting thing is that Thaksin's passport was seized to prevent tampering with evidence.

In the case of seizure of passport, a lawyer named Vinyat Chatmontry was of the view that seizure of passport is a general condition of bail. But now Mr. Thaksin I have not used Thai passport for a long time. After that I will apply for a new passport. To be handed over to the court

From a political point of view, it is sure to force Thaksin to stay in Thailand. However, travel outside the country may be permitted from time to time with the permission of the court. But ordering the confiscation of passports would reduce their chances of fleeing. Unless using natural channels to escape

This will offend the dignity of the former Prime Minister. In addition, fleeing would be tantamount to allowing Pew Thai Party leader 'Pe Thongthan Shinawatra'. must become a bear and fight against his father's generation. As the future prime minister's father, he would not let the mercy of his eye be the only thing on the battlefield.

Therefore, it would not be wrong to call the beginning of a new round of deals, both of whom have been granted bail and banned from leaving the country. Yet the freedom to be protected is subject to substantial trade-offs. Stop thinking big ideas especially by hiring people in government. May consolidate political power or interfere with the judicial process

It is seen as Thaksin's last chance to fulfill his promise to the ruling party to defeat the Progressive Party. Because if an agreement is made, it is not yet an agreement so that it does not have the chance to become a government in the future. Maybe you won't get a second chance. And the price Bigg Boss has to pay is definitely more than he thought.

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