JISULIFE portable fan cools like an air conditioner

JisuLife, a portable fan brand is very popular these days and enjoys high level sales all over the world, with every model selling well.To the extent that there was no market during the Ice Age, the polar ice caps melted and the air was so hot that it would exceed the degree of mercury, leaving us ready to faint anywhere. There are many brands of portable fans and neck fans. There are many prices ranging from tens of baht to thousands of baht, depending on the quality and function. JisuLife has released a variety of portable fans, both handheld and necklace, and many other models of portable fans, but I think the most convenient to use and carry are the handheld and necklace types. For hot weather all year round like in Thailand. So, I think it's another tool that you should have with you.

JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1

Design and function

JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1 is JisuLife's most popular neck fan and is arguably not always available. JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1 has an attractive appearance and design. It looks sturdy and modern. The material of the machine is made of plastic.Good quality, the neck brace is made of soft silicone rubber, comfortable to wear, not hard and not sticky. When wearing it for a long time or even when sweatingStill comfortable to wear. Let's take a look at the function.together

JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1 In this model, the wearer can adjust the width and narrowness of the fan.According to needs, which in previous models can only be adjusted slightly, which makes its use not suitable for people with small necks in this version thereThe redesign of this point can be used well, suitable for everyone. In addition, the back of the neck has a slightly protruding silicone pad that comes with ventilation holes. This silicone pad will help prevent the fan from sliding and when we turn our neck to the left or right, it will not move as in previous models. The author often faced the problem of it sliding down when bending the head or turning the neck back and forth making it annoying and having to change the position of the fan all the time. When it is hot and there is sweat on the back of the neck, the sweat is intense, but when I have this towel on, a gentle wind blows that helps dry the sweat and cool the back of the neck better.

JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1

The JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1 is better than other fans in the same model, which is very important in terms of fan blade noise. The more you turn it on, the louder it gets. Some models are so loud that they are annoying. Because the fan we hang around our necks is close to our ears. So we can hear the sound clearly. It makes it possible to make a call when using itWhen the phone comes up, the sound of the fan will greatly disturb the conversation. Even if we are wearing headphones, there is still noise.But for the JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1, fan noise is well handled to a satisfactory level. Although the sound was still there, it was low enough that it didn't disturb our conversation. When purchasing such a fan you should:Consider this issue first.

JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1

Adjusting the wind strength level on this model uses a rotary button to adjust the wind strength levelIt will be on the right side, while the screen on the left will display the wind speed we have adjusted. Which can be adjusted to a maximum of 100. Usually in this previous model there was no screen to show the strength level, but the method of tapping to lower the level was used several times to get the wind strength.We also want the upgrade in this model to include a screen that shows the wind speed status. The force of the wind or the channel from which air is releasedThe JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1 is well designed, with air coming out of every channel. In previous models, there were a lot of air holes.But the wind actually only comes out of the large openings in the front on either side, as wind can only come from the chin. As for JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1, it blows air to the back of the neck. Use it first, and you will feel the tickle too. Ventilation can be done carefully.Rather cool As for the screen, in addition to showing the wind power level, it also tells about the battery charge.But it will only tell you when the device turns on and off.

JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1

Value and ease of use

As for the issue of cooling, wind energy is quite good, and it may not be as cold as an air conditioner, butIt helps us cool down well in a tropical city where the weather is hot in every season with days over 40 degrees.It helped a lot. JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1 hasLong-term use of up to 16 hours with a 5000 mAh battery is the longest. It is comfortable to wear and not too heavy on your neck. You can wear it for a long time and your neck will not get tired. There is a silicone pad at the back of the neck that has an opening to release air into the throat at this point. Cool, relieve heatBetter than other models that have no air blowing into the back of the neck. Suitable for wearing during hot weather, such as going out to lunch. Jogging helps a lot, and reduces heat and sweating a little.For the author, I think it is a tool that everyone should have in their life to live with the hot weather these days.Certainly better. JisuLife Neck Fan Pro1 It's an interesting choice.

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