Maëlys – Nordahl Lelandais case: An extraordinary trial developed


The 30-year-old will be under investigation from the end of January for murder that triggered a major emotional wave and for sexually abusing other minors.

The former soldier was already sentenced to 20 years in prison last May for the murder of Arthur Noyer.


Grenoble Court is preparing for an extraordinary trial. Nordahl LelandaisIzir will appear in court at the end of January, “before the murder of Mailis de Aravzo”, who abducted an eight-year-old child who was murdered on March 38, 2017.

The girl went missing during a wedding evening on the night of August 26 to 27, 2017, where her parents were invited, to the village hall of Pont-de-Piovos in Iser. This case raises a huge emotional wave.

Maëlys, 8, died the night of August 26 to 27, 2017.

Maëlys, 8, died the night of August 26 to 27, 2017.


Soon the suspect, Nordal Lelandoys, one of the groom’s friends, was arrested, interrogated and released, and was later charged with kidnapping following the discovery of DNA traces in his car. Denies everything. Confused by a trace of blood on the carpet in the trunk of his car, he confesses to killing the girl involuntarily six months later, and takes investigators to the location where his bones were found.

In the same summer of 2017, a former military dog ​​handler is under investigation for sexually abusing two of his five- and six-year-old cousins ​​and for possessing and recording child pornography.

If not for the epidemic, this would be his second time in less than a year: last May, this man with a chaotic professional and emotional life was sentenced to 20 years in prison for the murder of Corporal Arthur Noir. In Chambéry – he denied for a long time.

More than 130 journalists

The Grenoble trial promises to be even more so His actions And the age of the victim, coupled with his opaque personality and reputation. According to Pascal Verne, the first chairman of the Grenoble Court of Appeals, “the main challenge of the existence of the media” is that there are already more than 130 journalists for about thirty media outlets.

“In fact, this is not an unusual case (…) but we are well aware that this issue will attract a large number of media outlets from all over France,” he added. Received funding and strengthened security inside and outside the building.

Three week trial

The trial is scheduled for three weeks (January 31 to February 18). “You have no idea how an ear goes. (…) For safety, we wanted to count three weeks, even if it was already over,” Ms Verne explains.

Special measures have been taken to “protect” the civil parties: this time it was decided to give them different colored ropes to show whether the parties should demand the people or not, inspired by the investigation into the November 13 attacks. . Jurors can benefit from psychological assistance if they wish.


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