China – Ambassador to Afghanistan resigns after six months without pay


Javed Ahmed Kam has resigned after being unpaid for six months. The Afghan ambassador to China left the car keys in a drawer and put the money in a bank account.

The Afghan embassy in Beijing reopened as usual on Monday afternoon as two security guards came out, hoisting the Afghan tricolor.


He left his office with keys and money in his account: the Afghan ambassador to Beijing posted his resignation letter on Twitter on Monday, six months after receiving not a single penny from the new Taliban masters in Kabul. Javed Ahmed Com notes that after all the diplomats left, the locally hired employee was given the responsibility of answering calls. He just did not give any indication of the destination.

In the letter dated January 1, a portrait of a large-scale embassy is drawnTragedy. After the Taliban seized power in his country in mid-August, Javed Ahmed Kom had to sink into the embassy’s bank account to pay staff. “Since we have not received any salary from Kabul in the last six months, we have set up a commission with embassy officials to look into the financial problems,” he explained in a letter to the Afghan Foreign Ministry.

“There will be no diplomats”

His heir will still find the money in the account. “As of today, January 1, 2022, there are still about $ 100,000 in the account,” or about 93,000 francs, he notes, leaving the keys to the car’s five cars. ‘The embassy in his office. “When the new appointee arrives in Beijing, I think there will be no more diplomats on the mission,” he added in another tweet, saying China had been “duly notified”.

The Afghan embassy in Beijing reopened as usual on Monday afternoon as two security guards came out, hoisting the Afghan tricolor.

Financial confusion

Javed Ahmed Kame, who has served as ambassador to Beijing since November 2019, expressed his concerns about the Taliban in media interviews following China’s welcome of the Taliban delegation in July, just weeks before returning to power. Islamists in Kabul.

Unemployment and rising inflation in Afghanistan are now mired in financial turmoil. China has provided millions of dollars in aid to the country since the new regime came to power.

Many Afghan embassies around the world are in dire straits, led by diplomats loyal to the former pro-Western government and ousted by the Taliban, who often do not appoint new representatives to these missions, but their government does not. Officially recognized by any country.

Riots in Italy and UN

In Italy last week, police were called in to intervene at the Afghan embassy in Rome, where former government-appointed but recently fired diplomat Mohammed Fahim Kashaf returned claiming to have been appointed by the Taliban. He assaulted the ambassador on duty, according to the embassy. Afghanistan’s Foreign Ministry has denied that he was appointed ambassador, but he was fired.

The particular situation in Afghanistan has also caused problems at the United Nations, where representatives of the old and new regimes are demanding the right to a siege of Afghanistan. Last year, the UN Security Council adjourned indefinitely.


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